This Homeless Man Was Given $100. Here Is How He Spent It.

It turns out this was a hoax... More detail below.

It turns out this is a hoax.  More information here.

When YouTuber Josh Paler Lin conducted a social experiment to see what a homeless person would do with $100, he probably wasn’t expecting this. What he did expect happened first: Thomas, who has been on the streets for just four months, took Josh’s cash directly to a liquor store. Josh is disappointed by this move, but probably not too shocked.

But Josh’s assumption, like most people’s, was wrong. Watch what Thomas buys from the liquor store, and prepare to need tissues when he explains his personal situation and how he ended up homeless. Thomas’s awesomeness inspired Josh to set up a campaign to help him get back on his feet. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

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