A Herd Of 30 Cows Helped Save This Baby Seal’s Life

When cows converged around this stranded baby seal, the drew attention to her situation and helped save her life!

In another exemplary display of animal compassion, a herd of cows helped save a stranded baby seal in England by drawing attention to its compromised situation.

Only five days old, a baby seal somehow ended up in the middle of a field, very dehydrated and underfed. When a group of 30 cows spotted her, they converged around her and curiously nuzzled her with their noses.

?There are seals on the edge of the marsh, but it was the way the cows were so inquisitive that made me look,? said Ian Ellis, the 67-year-old man who was walking past the area to watch birds when he saw the unlikely animals.

Ellis relayed that the cows were nudging the baby seal but not hurting it. The theory is that she may have been swimming in the nearby creek with her mother when she suddenly got separated. As the tide changed, she was then stuck in the marsh and made her way inland.

Credit: Masons

Credit: Masons

Immediately upon finding her, Ellis called the Natureland Seal Sanctuary, who asked him to pick the seal up and bring it to the sanctuary.

Now the baby seal is going through treatment with antibiotics for breathing problems and is being cared for by the organization. She is presently on a high-fat diet of herrings and even received the happy nickname, Celebration, to go with her happy ending.

When Celebration reaches 60 pounds, she will be released back into the wild.

Thanks to the curious cows, this baby seal was rescued and can now live out her life. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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