A Gen Z Activist Has Pledged Not To Have Children Until Government Take Necessary Action Against Climate Change – And It Has Gone Viral

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When Canadian Emma Lim took part in the Legislative Assembly in Ontario about climate change solutions, she became appalled with the useless decision making of the elected officials.

This became the turning point that finally made the 18-year-old decide to create the global movement #NoFutureNoChildren.

The McGill University student started this campaign with a climate strike over at Canada’s Parliament Hill making just one thing clear: She promised to stop making children until governments all over the world take the necessary action to overcome climate change.

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Recently, the UN announced that we only have 11 years to prevent an irreversible damage from climate change. With the air quality declining at a rapid rate, to the ice melting in the Arctic, and 60% of our wildlife being extinct – Generation Z will be the most affected and afflicted in this climate crisis.

This decision was very difficult for Lim to make. Based on her website, she stated that she dreams of being a mother, but with a destructive future ahead, bringing a child into a world that has food and water shortages, extreme weather changes and an abusrd cost of living – Lim believes that it is unsafe to bring in another generation into this world.

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She is not alone in her decision. The pledge #NoFutureNoChildren has gained already more than 4,700 signatures on Twitter. Young adults from all over the world are supporting this movement and promising not to have children with the world’s existing calamities.

Lim is hoping that this pledge shows the older generations how Gen Z is going to be affected with climate change. While the older generations have enjoyed this earth in the last years, Lim’s generation is seeing their future solely as a question of surviving.

Emma Lim is just one of the many teenagers that have made a stand demanding more action against the crisis. Along with Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and water activist Autumn Peltier, the campaign #NoFutureNoChildren has definitely captured the public’s attention. With the hashtag becoming viral, pledge takers and media coverage, the only question now is, what will the world leaders do about it?


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