A Fire Forced This Family To Jump From Their Apartment Building. Watch What Happens Next…

Is anything more incredible than human camaraderie?


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Because mainstream media tend to highlight only the worst of the human condition, it is essential stories concerning positive deeds are shared in a viral fashion. After all, if one is constantly overwhelmed by negative news, rarely will they be inspired to give back to their local community or pay some kindness forward. Fortunately, the perfect story to re-inspire some faith in humanity follows.

In the town of Strunino, near Moscow, a Russian family was woken up and forced to evacuate when a fire erupted in their apartment. Unfortunately, the traditional exit was blocked, which is why they crowded to the window.

The fire – which started by an unknown source – threatened to consume them all. Luckily, a crowd of spectators had gathered and quickly banded together to offer an exit solution to the family.

Vitaly, the father of the family, told his two children and wife:

“We will jump, otherwise, we cannot escape.” 

It probably seemed like an impossible task. But what other choice did they have?

Elena, the children’s mother, told Russian news website Newinform:

“Everything in the apartment was in the black smoke, and we strongly choked. And I have a child with heart disease who is 11 months old.” 

One by one, family members climbed onto the window and launched themselves into the crowd below. All were caught by the group of 20 or so on the ground.

Incredibly, the entire experience was caught on camera:

This family bravely jumps to get away from their burning home!- via JukinMedia

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Vitaly, who had opted to go last to protect his family, sustained some injuries he had tended to at a nearby hospital. Elena and the children were unscathed.

It’s not every day such an incredible rescue takes place. Please comment below and share this news!

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