92 Yorkshire Terriers Covered In Feces Rescued From San Diego Hoarding Situation

They were living in a 4-bedroom house covered in feces and urine.

Credit: San Diego Humane Society

In what’s being called a “horrific hoarding situation,” 92 Yorkshire Terriers and mixes of the breed were discovered in a home in San Diego, CA last week. According to officials, the owners had reached out for help once they finally believed their situation had become dire. The residents told officials that there were 30 dogs that needed to be rescued in their home, but instead there were nearly 100.

“The owners of these dogs are an elderly couple who reached out to us for help,” said Stephen MacKinnon, Chief of Humane Law Enforcement for San Diego Humane Society, in a statement. “We see this type of situation all too often when well-intentioned people get in over their heads.”

Credit: San Diego Humane Society

Unfortunately, the actions of these well-intentioned people resulted in terrible lives for these dogs, who were described as being in pain and covered in feces and urine. The floors and walls were also covered, forcing rescue workers to wear masks upon entering the residence.

“We always dread seeing a situation like this. It’s tragic for the animals and often for the people involved. But when this happens, our first response is always for the animals.We want to get them away from a dangerous situation as quickly and compassionately as possible,” said Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO for San Diego Humane Society, in a statement.

Credit: San Diego Humane Society

The animals reportedly had fleas, scabbing, kennel cough, ear infections, matted fur and overgrown nails, amongst other ailments. Veterinarians are working tirelessly to get these dogs the care they need, including grooming and vaccinations.

Since owning more than a handful of dogs is illegal in all cities of San Diego County, the elderly couple likely never let any of these dogs outside. While the poor creatures were terrified upon being rescued, they will all be up for adoption in the coming weeks and be safe and sound in their forever homes.

Credit: San Diego Humane Society

This situation is similar to another that occurred recently in San Diego County, where a pair of residents were found to have 78 dogs that they mostly kept inside as well. They surrendered the dogs and people waited in line that day and half of them went up for adoption over one month later.

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