9/11: How Did The BBC Know About WTC7’s Collapse 23 Minutes Before It Happened?

A live report on the fall of World Trade Center 7 BEFORE it actually happened is just one of many inexplicable mysteries surrounding 9/11

At 5pm on the afternoon of September 11 2001, the BBC aired a live broadcast about the collapse of The Salomon building, usually known as World Trade Center Building 7 in the US. After introducing the topic, The anchor interviewed reporter Jane Standley at her base in New York, who described how the building had fallen. Halfway through the interview, the video link was suddenly lost.

That was convenient, really, because at the time of airing the report, WTC7 had not fallen at all. In fact, it would not fall for another 23 minutes, and it can clearly be seen to the top right of Standley as she conducts the interview. The BBC claimed that the satellite feed had an electronic timer that cut out at exactly 5.15pm, five or so minutes before the building collapsed for real. The tapes containing the report mysteriously vanished, only to come to light again several years later. The BBC said they had “been put back on the wrong shelf.”

No matter what they say, this clip (which was censored by Google in the aftermath) is an inexplicable piece of footage that should force all of us to ask some very difficult questions about whether 9/11 was planned by the government- and whether the corporate media had been told what story to spin way in advance.

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