9 Parks Owned By SeaWorld You Most Definitely Should Avoid

You may indirectly be supporting SeaWorld by attending some of its other attractions.


If you’re not a fan of SeaWorld, there are a number of other parks you might want to avoid as well.

The company might be losing profits from plummeting attendance, but SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns a total of 12 amusement parks. Earlier this week, the company reported an attendance increase for the first nine months of the year compared to 2014 — thanks in part to the success of the other parks it owns, reports The Dodo. 

That means while people avoid the three main SeaWorld locations, largely due to concerns over the treatment of its animals, they may still be indirectly supporting it by attending other parks which care for and showcase animals, including African wild life.

As was exposed in the documentary Blackfish, there are a number of reasons to boycott the marine park, including the fact that it orcas live substantially shorter lives than they do in the wild.

Below is a list of the parks — which, if you don’t want to support SeaWorld, you might want to avoid.

Adventure Island: Tampa, Florida.

Aquatica Orlando: Orlando, Florida. Keeps Commerson’s dolphins.

Aquatica San Antonio: San Antonio, Texas.

Aquatica San Diego: Chula Vista, California.

Busch Gardens Tampa: Tampa, Florida. Keeps elephants, lions, rhinos and other African wildlife.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Williamsburg, Virginia. Keeps wolves, foxes and some domestic animals.

Discovery Cove: Orlando, Florida. Keeps dolphins and otters.

Sesame Place: Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Water Country USA: Williamsburg, Virginia.

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