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9 Dead And 37 More Injured In Munich Shooting [Video]

18-year-old German-Iranian shooter kills and injures over 60 people in the Olympia shopping centre in Munich.


An 18-year-old Iranian-German boy killed nine people and injured another 35 before turning the gun on himself in a Munich shopping center on Friday at 6pm.

One of the victims was 19-year-old Huseyin Dayicik, who was shot twice and killed after pushing his sister out of harms way. ?Four of the teenagers were friends and people the shooter knew, Can Leyla (15), Selcuk Kilic (15), both Turkish and two girls, Sabina Sulaj (14) and Armela Segashi (14). 18-year-old Guilliano Kollman died after being shot right outside the restaurant when Sonboly began his rampage, along with Roberto Rafael who is thought to be 14. The remaining two, that were older than 15, were Dijamant Zabergja (21) and Sevda Dag (45).

Another 27 people are being treated at the hospital for injuries sustained during the shooting, and another 10 remain in critical condition.


The shooter, David Ali Sonboly, had a 9mm Glock 17 along with 300 bullets, though no one is sure how he got it. The gun is a ?reactivated theatre weapon?, in which a gun is deactivated to be used as a prop, but then fully restored to be fully functioning. 58 shell casings were recovered from the Olympia shopping center in Munich, all but one casing from an officer were Sonboly?s.

Eyewitness accounts state that he screamed profanity about foreigners before adding ?I will kill you all? before gunning down the teenagers from a rooftop of the car park across from the McDonald?s.

He apparently created a fake Facebook account of a teenage girl, posting a status offering free McDonalds at the Olympia shopping center restaurant as long as it ?wasn?t too expensive?. In a computer game messaging system, it was discovered that he offered a more straightforward message saying ?come to the McDonald?s and I will come and get you and shoot you?. A teenage girl living in Sonboly?s same apartment block said that he told classmates earlier during an argument, ?I will kill you all?.


Though there is currently no evidence of political motivation for the attacks, Sonboly was obsessed with mass murders. Officers who raided his family home found extremist material linked to mass shootings, including works from Anders Behring Breivik, a white supremacist who murdered 77 people in Norway in 2011. This shooting took place on the fifth anniversary of the Norway attacks.

Sonboly also had documents related to a Bavarian attack in 2009 that killed 16 teenagers, along with the book Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters.?Police say he had been planning his attack for over a year.

David Ali Sonboly has a history of psychiatric problems, admitting himself into a psychiatric hospital for two months in 2015 and continued to receive treatment as an outpatient. His medical documents state that he had a lot of anxiety when he was in contact with other people.

Sonboly had been a victim of two crimes in the past ? theft in 2010 and bodily harm in 2012. He had been receiving psychiatric care and there are reports that he had been bullied for several years.? The murderer shot and killed himself about half a mile from the shopping center, but his body wasn?t found until about two and a half hours after the incident.

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