87-Year-Old Woman Spent 4 Days In Bathtub Until Concerned Waitress Instigated A Rescue

After a repeat customer failed to show up for her usual cup of tea and slice of cake, a concerned waitress called the police. Trusting her gut likely saved the elderly woman's life.

Credit: ODN

Credit: ODN

When a waitress didn’t see an elderly repeat customer for a number of days, she contacted the local police. It is fortunate she did, for her concern ended up saving Doreen Mann’s life. ODN reports that Mann has been a regular visitor of Tomassi’s café in Essex for the past ten years. So when she didn’t show up for her regular cup of tea and a slice of cake, waitress Sonia Congrave suspected something was wrong.

Trusting her gut inspired a heroic turn of events. As it turns out, Doreen had been taking a bath at her home when her knees gave out. She became unable to climb out and spent four days in the tub with only a towel to keep her warm and cold tap water to stay hydrated. If Sonia hadn’t followed through on her intuition, who knows what might have happened.

After debating on whether or not to call the Essex Police, Sonia finally decided it’s better to be safe than sorry. She asked the law enforcement workers to check on the elderly woman’s house and make sure she was okay. When the police showed up, they heard Doreen’s cries for help and pulled her out of the tub to safety.

In the video below, Sonia comments on the turn of events:

“I’m just glad she’s okay, I’m glad nothing bad happened. I think it would be nice for us all to take a bit of a time-out to remember our neighbors or remember the lady down the road who you haven’t seen in a few days and just give a knock or a phone call. Just say ‘Hey, are you alright?’”

To prevent a similar ordeal in the future, the 39-year-old waitress purchased a phone for Doreen.

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