87-Year-Old Man Builds Intricate Cathedral For His Wife With Alzheimer’s

An 87-year-old carved an intricate cathedral for his wife after she developed Alzheimer's to remind her of their adventures.

Credit: Inside Edition

Credit: Inside Edition

When Gerald LeSiege’s wife of 60 years came down with Alzheimer’s, he took up woodworking as a hobby to help him cope with his wife’s illness and be a caretaker to her. After he realized he had a knack for the art, he decided to build something for his wife that she would love without needing to explain why it was for her.

The two apparently loved traveling to Europe, so he chose to build a cathedral reminiscent of those in older European cities to remind her of their time together and to make her happy. LeSiege told Inside Edition:

“What got to our heart, and made us feel real warm and close, was all of the architectural beauty of Europe.”

For several months, Gerald spent hours everyday working on his design for a five-foot cathedral with lights and a clock inside of it. He had his wife by his side as he constructed the tower.

Though LeSiege’s wife is nonverbal now because of her fight with Alzheimer’s, she reportedly smiles every time she sees the cathedral and often goes up to touch and admire it. He hopes that sometimes the cathedral helps to remind her of their past adventures.

Watch the video below to see the cathedral and how adorable the elderly couple are together.

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