81-Yo Japanese Woman Who Taught Herself Programming Launches First Game

You’re never too old to learn a new trade or inspire others to live their best lives.

Credit: Masako Wakamiya

Tech-savvy Masako Wakamiya might be 81-years-old, but she is anything but a ‘typical’ senior citizens. Recently, the Japanese citizen launched her first iPhone app, and she’s now on a mission to show other older individuals that they, too, can learn coding or another trade.

At age 60, Wakamiya was forced to retire after working for forty-three years at a major bank. Left with plenty of time to adopt a hobby, she purchased a computer and set it up completely by herself. Once she began chatting with others through the internet, she gained a sense of purpose and felt inspired to do more with her time.

At a TEDxTokyo talk, Wakamiya elaborates on her past and explains the new app, called Hinadan. Hinadan is based on a traditional Japanese holiday known as Girls’ Day and is a simple game in which the player must arrange a series of dolls in a specific order. They are guided by a series of ‘beeps’ which signal either approval or disapproval.

Nowadays, Wakamiya runs a website which is full of Excel art tutorials and other guides for senior computer users, reports RocketNews24. She, like many others, is proving that there is no place for age discrimination in the modern world.

At 81-years-old, Masako Wakamiya single-handedly created her first iPhone game.

Credit: Masako Wakamiya

The game is called Hinadan, and a walk-through is provided by Masako below:

The player must arrange a series of dolls in a specific order and may be reprimanded with ‘beeps’.

Credit: Masako Wakamiya

Based on a holiday in Japan, it’s proving to be popular already.

Credit: Masako Wakamiya

Most importantly, Wakamiya’s creation is inspiring other senior citizens to learn coding.

Credit: Masako Wakamiya

Following is her incredible story, as explained during a TEDxTokyo event:

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