8-Year-Old Boy Grows Hair For Two Years To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

Although he was bullied for his choice to grow his hair long, this young activist persevered so he could help make wigs for kids with cancer.


Most people have a strong desire to belong, which is why if someone were to comment negatively on their character of choice or wardrobe, they’d quickly conform to prevent further criticism. Fortunately, a young activist named Thomas Moore isn’t so easily affected by other peoples’ opinions. Despite being bullied for his choice to grow his hair out, he persevered so he could donate his locks and help make wigs for kids with cancer.

Bored Panda relays that the ten-year-old was inspired to grow his hair out to help others after he watched a video on Facebook of a girl who had lost her own tresses to cancer. He was only eight, but he decided that he could help by not cutting his hair for two years. Incredibly, the amount of hair he donated was enough to make three wigs!

Moore’s aunt, Amber Ray, posted a before-and-after picture on Twitter which has been shared more than 57k times! In addition, 110k people who have been inspired by Moore’s activism have ‘liked’ the post.


Following are some photos of Moore’s epic contribution.

When the eight-year-old learned that kids can lose their hair while battling cancer, he decided to grow his own out…


Despite being bullied, he refused to cut his locks.


After two years, it was finally time to cut and donate the hair.


Look how long it was!



Thomas donated enough hair to make THREE wigs!


His Aunt May shared the mighty deed on Twitter.


Watch the video of Thomas cutting his hair below!

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