75 Year-Old Man Travels World In This Awesome House Truck

John and his family have been nomadic for 35 years and counting

John is 75 years young, and a passionate traveler. In this video from Tiny House Giant Journey, John gives us a tour of his home- a spacious and cozy house truck that took just four weeks to build! John is something of an expert at creating alternative mobile homes, though- he has built a total of 12 so far, and all that practice certainly shows.

John’s home is built on a Mitsubishi Fuso chassis. There is a surprising amount of storage in this 14 square feet space, hidden cleverly in the walls and under the bed. John installed gutters to collect rainwater, and the truck even allows for pumping rainwater inside if needed. He has a full oven and a big fridge freezer, often considered luxuries in other tiny homes. There are solar panels on the roof, and two skylights which make the space feel bright, airy and roomy.

John and his wife have been living this way for 35 years, deciding to educate their two children on the road. Now the kids have flown the nest, John and his wife continue with their nomadic existence.  They have already used the van to travel 133,000km around South America, and they plan to explore Russia next. John is an inspiration: despite his age and the fact he’s already made so many awesome vans, he is already thinking about the next: which he says will have an even bigger skylight for stargazing.

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