7 Animal Rescues That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

We hear of a lot of animal rescues every day but the following rescues will give you a very warm fuzzy feeling.  Below are seven GIF’s we found on the internet of animal rescues that will restore your faith in humanity.

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Dog Rescued From Swollen River Bosnia

Below is a video from flood-hit Bosniashowing a dog being rescued from a swollen river in the city of Zenica. Some men was trying to reach the dog as it struggled over rubbish in the river, before one of them managed to pull it out by the scruff of its neck.

Credits: Youtube/began – GIF/imgur

Climber rescues lamb

This little guy is lucky to be alive after a mountain climber went down a mountain cliff to rescue him.  The climber attached him to his harness while climbing back to safety.

Credits: youtube/sylaszym – GIF/imgur

Climber rescues stranded kitten

Animals are rescued in our community everyday, but a tiny kitten found perched high on a ledge on a bridge abutment was brought to safety by someone with a little bit more climbing experience than your average emergency responder.

Credits: youtube/KXLY – GIF/imgur

Locals free dog from underground pipe

2 Dogs rescued from water tubes ,one of them died but the another one was successfully saved!

Credits: youtube/hakar el – GIF/imgur

Drowning puppy saved from floodwaters

Check out of this footage of Vladimir Maksimov rescuing a puppy from filthy flood waters in Odessa, Ukraine

Credits: youtube/DigitalVideoWitness – GIF/imgur

Dog rescued from icy canal

This puppy got stranded in the icy waters of a Romanian canal. He showed  his gratitude to his rescuers. 

Credits: youtube/Suntem deja acolo – GIF/imgur

Locals rescue 30 beached dolphins

About 30 Dolphins stranded  on a beach in Brazil were saved by local people .

Credits: youtube/crariyo – GIF/imgur

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