6 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

children-214437_640By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

It seems human nature – or the effect of participating in mainstream society – to have an insecurity or two. Perhaps you’re embarrassed about living with your parents, or mortified to bare your bod on the beach…there’s something everyone feels less than confident about.  But this need not hold you back from living the life you desire or feeling your best.

You can begin to live a more inspired and confident life by implementing the following tips.

1. Use Your Talents

There can and will never be anyone exactly like you, this beautiful aspect of creation is often forgotten. Honor your talents and boost your self-esteem by putting your skills to good use and creating something new!

Whether painting a picture, singing a lullaby to a poodle, working on an engine of a truck, or boosting someone else’s self-esteem through kind words, you can remember your special traits and allow your energy to soar by using your talents.

2. Body Image Review

Society profits by demonizing the differences of the human body. Because of this, many feel limited and/or embarrassed by their shapes. But you can ditch this feeling by pulling out your favorite outfit and giving yourself a loving once-over in the mirror.

Keep in mind that you naturally pick out the flaws of your physical exterior whereas people meeting you at a first glance are admiring your unique-ness with mind for your personality. Find a part of your body that you love and focus on it – then treat it to some love.

Next, splurge on yourself by buying a new shampoo, facial, lotion, or salt scrub. You’re awesome, and you really deserve to feel like it.

3. Accomplish a Goal

Choose one (just one!) goal you’d like to cross off your ‘to-do’ list so intimidatingly staring at you…and do it! You will find that with each accomplishment – no matter the size – you’ll feel yourself growing into the master of your own life. Own it, be excited about your abilities, and feel the increase in self-esteem!

4. Build Your Confidence

So what if you have some cellulite, stutter when giving a speech, or are afraid of bunnies. Those quirks are part of what make you, you. Acknowledge this, but also allow yourself to dare to become brave – and act on it by doing something new!

Buy a pass to the gym, or build your confidence by flying solo for a bit. A relaxing walk in nature can do wonders, and if you accept the challenge to be your best self, you’ll easily adopt more self-confidence.

5. Share with a Friend

There’s a reason social circles are so appealing and societies heavily reliant on friends are so healthy. Nobody deserves to be alone, and sharing your perceived issues or insecurities with a close one can help you obtain an objective perception on the situation. Most importantly, letting it out can help you let it go.  And to move on and grow into the person you desire to be, this is essential.

6. Be In on the Joke

You know what? It’s okay to laugh at yourself! In fact, it’s one of the best types of medicine! So if you need to have a good laugh and boost your spirit, get a giggle in by watching a comedy, reading a hilarious book, or playing with your pet.

Laughing can help release some of the tension and fear held onto by the ego – insecurities which may be holding you back from being your true self.

Live the life you seek by boosting your self-esteem with these six tips!

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