6 Signs You’re a Futurist



By: Amanda Froelich,
True Activist.

Brilliant mind and filmmaker, Jason Silva, is one example of a man who is quite confident with his ability to think outside of the box. Merging his theories and love of art to philosophically raise people’s awareness through short films and inspirational videos, his topic of choice lies on opening consciousness up to the vast possibilities and abilities mankind possesses. Fascinating material it may be, unfortunately it seems the futurist thinking to create a more intellectually heightened society does not fit within the paradigms of the current mold accepted by the masses.

For example, the medical industry may be siphoning billions of dollars from the people to create ‘cures’, but only within the strict boundaries of what it deems acceptable as a practice. Within the big picture of health and healing, it is seen through various alternative modalities that the human organism is complex system that cannot be treated by suppressing symptoms or with the latest fad diet; instead there is an energetic balance that precedes any physical impairment, and this draws into account there are emotional, physical, and spiritual repercussions one must deal with in order to heal. Drawing on ancient wisdom and intelligently using the advanced technological blessings created, there is no reason a new paradigm could not be created that holistically encompasses every facet (from massage therapy, prayer, and acupuncture to nutrition and exercise) of what it takes to thrive. This would take a mass mindset shift, however, and many are just not on that forefront of thought. However, life is change and with the continual emergence of out-of-the-box material, more will experience their own personal epiphanies yet.

With any subject, from ecological living to free energy, there are ways of looking at things that have yet to be accepted in mainstream; if you’re in the small percentage of individuals that has awakened to at least the idea of a cultural shift to waste less, better the lives of all people, and positively impact the evolution of the human race, you just might be a futurist. The following signs can affirm.

1. You read from sites like True Activist

Go you. Being informed is key, and you know knowledge is power, the greatest tool utilizing connection with like-minded individuals to create change. From political truth to change in Libya, it’s important to keep a broad mindset of the happenings in the world…and stay positively influenced with the theories of change and carbon-less inventions.

2. You don’t seek fulfillment from another person or object

Part of becoming more awake in this new age is to accept that humans are indeed energetic individuals. No matter what religious background, there are 7 energy centers in the body (which can be defined in Christianity, Jewish, and Buddhist traditions in Caroline Myss’ book “Anatomy of the Spirit”) which also relate to the evolutionary mindset of mankind at this point in time.With lower vibrational (1st and 2nd Chakra) focus on fundamental survival needs, most are very caught up in the drama of being controlled or controlling others. This type of energy domination is mainly due to lack of divine connection and inhibits focus on personal responsibility and self acceptance, two important components to being a free thinker.

The ability to stand on one’s own feet, accept divine guidance (which flows through all) to follow passion or purpose, and separate from the tribal patterns of what is deemed acceptable in society shows a futurist mindset.

Thinking in terms of what is best for the self and for others, a futurist no longer needs validation from close-minded thinkers or quick-pleasure objects. Not to say there is not a lot to enjoy in the world, but one who is embracing the culture of the future knows there is bigger purpose to life and is happy stepping out of the mass accumulation mindset, instead accepting and appreciating the beauty in simplicity and self empowerment.

3. Technological gadgets are an extension of the abilities humans possess

If you’re a futurist and optimistic believer in the ability of humans, then you’re likely to believe that such phenomenon as telepathy truly is a possibility. As Jason Silva explains, the rate of technology invented is increasing exponentially, and in the same effect we, as a culture, are evolving at an exponential rate as well. Utilizing such grand inventions as the Iphone5 (or whatever version they have out now), humans are in essence creating external means of demonstrating the abilities of the human mind. Just 30 years ago the computer was a revolutionary concept and it changed the way the entire world communicated and created with each other. As evolution continues to increase exponentially and science continues to refine the communicative capabilities, it seems inevitable that the ability to tap into energetic communication will become a reality as well.

It’s not unheard of, many studies already demonstrate devoted spiritual individuals with heightened psychic or telepathic abilities.

4. You have the optimism in the growth of an advanced society

With all the hype revolving around war, famine, destruction, and other ill-fated ends to many, it’s easy to get down on the race as a whole…however, if you’re truly a futurist and recognize that a lot of issues are symptoms of unsustainable lifestyle and thinking, it becomes easier to accept that there is indeed possibility for enlightened individuals yet. Life is not without its trials, but lessons learned from poor habits are what creates growth. As science emerges that validates the extraordinary abilities human beings have – even through just balancing the body with nature – it will become easier for people to shift from toxic mainstream lifestyle choices and hopefully return to the mindset that the answers lie within.

If a population were to adopt that frame of mind, massive changes would be implemented. Quite debatable, of course, it’s probably best to say a optimistic futurist holds hope in the development of the human race.

5. The resources are available

There’s no question if the whole of humanity wanted change it could happen within days to weeks. (Mostly speculative, of course but backed by science such as here) Free energy, low to no carbon footprint resources, healthful food and water, and less pain and suffering among many aspirations could become a reality. At this point, however, the power is not in the hands of the people, but more the corporations that control the majority of money and the resources being supplied. Through individual actions – such as eating less meat which substantially reduces carbon footprint – and large consumer demand, change is not only possible, it’s inevitable. That’s why the futurist knows the importance of #6 and self education; today’s lifestyle is very unsustainable but there is a better future if one just has an open enough mindset to imagine it.

6. You know that individual education matters

Lao Tzu “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime”. Likewise, there’s honor in wanting to crusade for a cause and change the world, but a down-to-earth futurist recognizes that the real change has to happen on an individual level. No one can change another, no matter how well their intentions may be. Sharing the resources for change in a loving way and accepting the person’s own free will and divine plan is the most respectful option. Speak your passion, live your purpose, but if you truly impart a positive impact, ensure that you, first, are the example of what you’d like to see in the world. (Thanks, Ghandi).

Radical ideas are the ones that have shaped the world and brought out-of-the-box thinkers to light. To continue living in a dream state without acknowledging responsibility for the repercussions of inharmonious lifestyle choices, detrimental environmental impact, or the ability to change is not only irresponsible, it’s impossible. Thankfully, there are alternative options, ways of thinking, and educational resources available to support change, one just needs the self confidence to follow their guided intuition.

The rule of life is CHANGE. Time flows like the civilizations past before, and with exponentially increasing technological gadgets and abilities to communicate and create, the time to engage the best society and living environment is now. If you’re a futurist, you’ve heard your call.

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