50+ Photos That Will Have You Wondering If Ivanka Trump Is First Daughter Material

Here are some revealing photos of First Daughter Ivanka Trump.


Now that President Donald Trump is officially the United States’ President, he and his family are in the spotlight more than ever. To prepare for his turn in office, the real estate mogul is signing away Trump Organization to his family to manage – specifically his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Like her dad, Ivanka has made a name for herself because of her background in finance and business. However, unlike most CEOs, she also has a past as a fashion model. In effect, dozens of risqué photos of Ivanka exist on the internet – similar to her step-mom, Melania.

One might remember that during Barack Obama’s 8-year presidency, Michelle Obama was repeatedly ridiculed for showing off her toned arms. As much of a scandal as that was, one has to wonder what the repercussions of having revealing photos of the first lady and first daughter might be.

Is Ivanka Trump first-daughter material? We’ll let you decide. Following are 50 photos of the former fashion model and business strategist:

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