5 Ways to Re-Hydrate and Heal Your Body

drinking-waterBy: Amanda Froelich,
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Smoke fumes gently swirl past your open window on the crowded highway, crunchy fast-food leftovers sit abandoned by the roadside, and the angry shouts of stressed out individuals on their way to work all combine to create a highly toxic environment. All three are examples of just a few of the many destructive situations which are prevalent the mainstream culture; in return, they are leading to degenerative health and a vastly dehydrated population.

There are many ways living in such an environment contributes to decayed health. Experts can singularly point out small aspects such as increased cortisol levels due to stress, lack of Vitamin A from smoking, and nutritionally devoid foods which can create malabsorption problems, but from a larger viewpoint, it’s clear that there is one thing all these have in common: living out of balance creates a dehydrated, unbalanced body.

Like the Earth, the human body is predominately water and it’s been proven that hydration is one of the key factors for longevity and health. Lack of motivation, decreased brain function, and lethargy (among more symptoms) have all been linked with an unbalanced, dehydrated chemistry in the body. There’s good news, however, regarding your ability to re-hydrate and create optimal health; the following 5 steps are great ways to start!

1. Stop in-taking the foods which dehydrate you. Like having a barrel full of holes, if you continue to refill it with water you’ll lose more than your efforts are worth. Similarly with the body, foods that have been processed, denatured, and lack true nutrition (not added along with preservatives and sugars) are highly acidic to the body and in return create water retention to thin out toxicity, and then eventual dehydration as the body strives hard to flush out the waste. Acidic animal foods and refined junk foods only inhibit the natural regeneration that can occur when one lives healthfully.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  Optimal nutrition from fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouted grains, and seaweeds ensures an alkaline pH balance in the body and in effect, an oxygenated, hydrated system. To be fully healthy, this is the medium of which the human body must stay at.In contrast to #1, fresh, live foods only come with a list of health benefits. Inhibiting oxidation, balancing blood sugar, and protecting the regeneration of cell structure are just a few of the amazing benefits derived from nature’s perfect (preventative) medicines.It’s as simple to start including more fresh produce as having a smoothie every morning and a salad each evening before dinner.

3. Drink plenty of water.  As every organ – including your brain which is 75% water! – requires a hydrated medium to function best, it’s an intelligent option to choose to not only consume those foods which help hydrate you, but also drink purified, alkaline water as well. Most nutritional experts use the basic equation for deciding a balanced amount of water to drink: (body weight) / 2 = oz per day. For example, a 160 pound individual would strive to drink 80 oz or 10 glasses of water a day. However, this recommendation is for those who are severely dehydrated by processed foods, therefore eating water-dense fruits and vegetables can significantly decrease this need.

4. Rest! Sleep helps your body repair. When sleeping, the body undergoes a large majority of its repair and works to reverse the effect of stressful modern day living. If you get enough sleep (7-8 hours minimum) you are doing a large service to your entire system by allowing regeneration on a cellular level, and in return a less-stressed and more alkaline body. Like eating the proper fuel, less tax on the human body means that hormone function will be in better balance, adrenals and kidneys won’t be as taxed to detoxify and remove acidic waste, and you’ll feel lighter and healthier in result.Ensure that you can get enough sleep by not eating 2-3 hours before bed, switching off all electronics in your room (as well as not watching TV right before), and mentally ‘letting go’ of all the tasks that may run rampant through your mind. Eating healthy has also been proven to promote better sleep!

5. Stop Smoking. It’s been proven repeatedly that smoking not only largely increases the risk for atherosclerosis (heart disease), lung cancer, and Diabetes, but creates vitamin deficiency (A especially) in the body and devastatingly dehydrates the human system. It may not seem easy, but by undergoing a detox program or choosing to slowly abstain from the life-shortening habit is well worth it. Chapped, stretched-out skin will regain elasticity as healing, fresh fruits and vegetables are incorporated as well as less-stress lifestyle habits.

Overall, increasing hydration is one of the most important factors that should be considered when seeking to increase health and vitality. The above 5 tips are beneficial ways to start achieving your glowing health and a more hydrated you!

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Amanda Froelich is a Raw Vegan Chef, Detoxification Specialist, Travel and Alternative Health Writer, Holistic Nutrition Student and Student of Life. She posts decadent FREE Raw and Vegan Recipes at http://mandybloomsraw.com and travels as a healthy nomad at http://travelfruitlove.com . More can be found about Amanda at http://amandafroelich.com

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