5 Simple, Unexpected Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

These cheap and effective methods will have you glowing with health.


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Everyone is guilty is getting stuck in old routines that interfere with health and wellness. One way to help guarantee success in life is by developing healthy habits that make you feel good. These inexpensive and easy ideas will help eliminate toxins, boost the immune system and encourage a positive mood.

Tongue Scraper 

A clean tongue is more than just an important part of good oral hygiene. Not only does tongue scraping help fight bad breath, it can stimulate the internal organs and eliminate accumulated toxins. Another unexpected benefit of tongue scraping is an improved sense of taste. A dulled sense of taste is often the result of eating too much sugary and processed foods and can keep us in the cycle of craving more. Use a stainless steel spoon or purchase a classic metal scraper.


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1.5 Liters of Water Every Day

If you are not in the habit of drinking a lot of water, you may unaware that you are suffering from symptoms of dehydration. Staying hydrated promotes healthy neurological function and overall wellness. It also encourages weight loss, gets rid of toxins, provides natural energy and fends off headaches.


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Although the benefits of aromatherapy are often overlooked, incorporating essential oils in daily life is cheap and effective. Using essential oils can calm stress, improve focus, alleviate symptoms of depression. One of the easiest ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy is to purchase an electric oil diffuser. Many people see a marked improvement in quality of life with the simple system of diffusing peppermint oil in the morning and lavender oil in the evening. Also, consider burning incense or herbal smudge sticks.


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Body Brush

Using a soft, dry body brush has been known to provide a plethora of benefits to your skin and internal organs. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which is connected to circulation and the immune system. Dry brushing gets rid of dead skin cells, improves cell regeneration and can combat cellulite. Purchase a wooden body brush with soft natural bristles, and use it on dry skin in circular motions directed toward the heart.


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Neti Pot

A lot of people rave about the benefits of using a neti pot. This cheap little tool is used to pour warm salt water into the nose, which gently cleanses the nasal passages. Salt is a natural disinfectant. People report improved respiratory functions and allergy relief. The neti pot is especially helpful when suffering from a cold, congestion or sinus infection.


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