5 Reasons to Support a Crowd-Funding Campaign Today

crowd-296520_640 copyBy: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

Remember when you had an idea so brilliant you knew it needed to be shared with the world? The passion that flooded your being could not be contained, for it was derived from the center of all creativity, Source.

It became your mission, your purpose, your obsession to ensure its success. Well, many entrepreneurs, artists, advocates for change, researchers, and musicians also feel this drive, and they’re funding their projects via Crowd-Funding schemes like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter.

Sure, you’ve heard of these platforms, but have you ever considered supporting one or many of these creative projects?

If no, you’ll be surprised at why it is so essential you pay it forward by donating to a campaign today.

  1. Be a Part of Something Bigger

    According to Elizabeth Gerber who conducted a study on why people support crowd funding campaigns, one of the motivating factors was simply because people crave to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

    Who doesn’t need or love the feeling of joyful collaboration and team work? Supporting a crowd funding campaign is exactly this, and you can easily join in on some of the incredible projects that recently launched.

  2. New Form of Banking

    When you choose to support a crowd-funding campaign, you are taking part in true democracy. You’re placing your vote by saying, “Yes, my beliefs align with this project, and I’d like to see it succeed.” You’re taking action to ensure a future you believe in is made manifest, and those who are working so hard to create that vision will receive the help they need.

  1. Fun Incentive

    Whether it’s a new invention or a musical album, those who ask for help from the public usually have some neat perks that can be received by donating. Take project Nourishing Roots, for example. It’s a campaign seeking to fund a travel, research, and humanitarian project to launch a future NGO: money earned will go to benefit four orphanages worked with, and also be part of an investment to publish spiritual/health related books and a colorful children’s book.

    This is a campaign that gives back in a variety of ways, check it out here: Nourishing Roots.

  1. Your Feedback Matters

    The great thing about supporting a crowdfunding campaign is that if you have positive critique to offer, it will definitely go to a good cause! Those managing their projects will relish your insight and experience – that sort of contribution is priceless!

  2. Contributing to Positive Change

    Support a crowdfunding project, inspire the world. You not only assist the individual or team by donating, you’re “being the change you want to see” through your example. Ghandi would be proud.

The opportunity to positively benefit the world in a holistic or artistic way would not be possible without the support of donors, fans, and/or believers who feel enthusiastic about such projects. When you contribute towards a campaign you feel strongly about, you’re paying forward any and all good that will be accomplished – pat yourself on the back for that.

If you’d like to learn more about the crowdfunding campaign, Nourishing Roots, that was mentioned in this post, view the live campaign here.

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