5 Reasons to Learn a New Language

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ByImage Credit: Pixabay

By: Amanda Froelich,

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The following 5 reasons below share why learning a new language should be an additional to-do on your list.

1. Broaden Understanding & Develop the Mind

Learning a new language allows one to fully appreciate a new culture and the context of a country. This can reduce misunderstandings, allow unique conversations to be communicated, and even open up a variety of opportunities for the future.

Research also shows that learning a new language can help your native language development; therefore you’ll increase your IQ, gain better vocabulary skills, and form better relationships.

2. Improve Employability

The world is merging into a global economy – meaning that companies are continually striving to expand overseas. To sell in a foreign market, one must understand the values and morals of the people being sold to. Therefore, twisting your tongue in a new way could increase your chances of scoring a job – a big advantage in today’s job market.

3. Reduce Risk of Dementia

A recent study from the US journal of Neurology shares that those who are bilingual may have the ability to ward off Dementia for years. It was hypothesized that the learning of more than one language leads to better development of the areas of the brain that handle executive functions and attention tasks, which may help prevent the onset of Dementia. Want to enjoy a longer life? Time to order Rosetta Stone.

4. Increase Educational Opportunities

By learning a new language, significant weight could be added to your application. University Admission departments are always in pursuit of “well-rounded, thoughtful” students.

Also, the opportunity to study overseas – where you can practice your language 24/7- could change the way you relate to the world and bulk up your resume.

5. Travel, Explore the World

Why let a language barrier hold you back? No amount of films, music, or books can replace the cultural experience traveling can give. Translate the world first-hand, meet new relations, change your life perceptions.

For personal enjoyment, you may also find traveling a much less stressful affair if you can communicate with the locals. Ask for the best pub, directions to a restaurant, or transportation with your new skill set.

Curious as to what language would be best to learn? Check out this source that shares the 10 most common languages in the world.

If you’re seeking to better yourself and claim more respect, learning a new language may be the next move.


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