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As controversial as any alternative health solution, urine therapy may not be widely known, but from those who practice the ritual and according to scientists, there is evidence it can be quite beneficial. As you will read below, the self-medicating act of drinking one’s urine is to serve as a basic hologram of all the body’s weaknesses and strengths, therefore to holistically stimulate one’s own healing.

Before cringing and clicking away, at least consider that this practice has been used since ancient times, is validated as a healing alternative, and is an inexpensive (although somewhat questionable) natural curative that can only be produced by you..

The Hypothesis Holds Hope

Just what is Urine Therapy and how does it work? According to experts, the basic belief behind the practice is that it is a form of self-vaccination: certain bodily substances which have been removed from the body, some of which may have been produced as a result of illness, are re-introduced into the body in small amounts. These substances are then re-absorbed into the blood through either the intestines or the skin.

According to this hypothesis, the immune system is then given the chance to react appropriately. According to this more in-depth source, healing is believed to occur because of a number of other factors, not limited to: Re-absorption and use of urea, nutrients, hormones, enzymes, salt therapy, Transmutation Theory, and psychological effect.

Science has confirmed a beneficial immune response from utilizing urine therapy, but still has many more cases to conclude before it will be a completely well respected alternative for healing.

Experience Over Dogma:

The case studies and personal experience of individuals who have gained better health through the use of urine therapy speak for themselves. There was a time when most easily accepted ideas were also questioned. Just like other quizzical alternatives to health, urine therapy may gain skepticism, but has a large following of individuals who swear by it.

One rather recent example comes from Mark Ambrose, a 91-year-old man who claims consuming his own urine healed him of back pain, is what helps him look 10 years younger, and dabbed on wounds, aids his healing process. A DailyMail article shares more of his experience.

Other adamant believers have written books on the subject and even run websites devoted to sharing their personal healing and promotion of ‘nature’s cure-all’. Regardless of the limited science, it seems there are many individuals who believe urine therapy has helped aid their healing process.

Scientific Breakthroughs

The earliest research on UT began in the early nineteenth century; Dr. Charles Ducan conducted research into therapies with self-produced substances, including urine therapy. He demonstrated that patients suffering from gonorrhoeic urethritis (infection of the urinary tube as a result of the venereal disease gonorrhoea) produce their own medication in the form of their own discharge. Auto-therapy was applied here by placing a drop of a patient’s discharge directly on the tongue, in order to stimulate the body’s natural powers.

This method had a strong healing effect at every stage of the illness: If applied at an early stage it could cause the gonorrhoea to disappear.

These results suggest that auto-therapy strengthens and stimulates the immune system, in particular with regard to the T-cells. The T-cell population of several patients who initially displayed a low T-cell count increased after treatment with urine therapy.

Other doctors, Remington, Merler, and Uhr, have also demonstrated that a particular part of urine-protein is able to eliminate certain pathogens. The discovery supports the assumption that urine therapy can be used to treat or prevent certain illnesses.

Not a New Idea

Urine therapy is known to have originated from Indian culture, but records indicate that it has also been used in other cultures around the world for centuries. Known as “gold of the blood”, the popular treatment is shown from records to have been utilized in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Jewish cultures. Much more relevant, the Middle Ages and Renaissance have been shown to have practiced this alternative modality leading into today.

Experiences with the practice of urine therapy have even been discussed and shared recently in 2 different conferences: in 1996 in India and in 1999 in Germany, where people from different countries shared and presented their own research on urine therapy.

So it obviously is not a ‘new-age’ practice, but continues to be researched regarding its potential benefits for humanity.

Affordable Alternative

If the therapy is do-able by those interested in partaking for healing, drinking a small portion of one’s urine is a relatively inexpensive treatment. Working somewhat like homeopathic treatments (which give a small dose of the ‘issue’ in order to stimulate healing), the genetic coding found in your own urine cannot be substituted by another – it wouldn’t work according to the hypothesis that fuels it.

However, if you’re out of ideas and interested in experimenting with your body’s own fluids, it is common for beginners to dilute a small amount of urine in the morning with water, and then consume.

Obviously this is a very controversial alternative solution for supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. However, it has been shown to have been used in ancient cultures, proven to be beneficial in many scientific studies, and has a strong, supportive following today.

With the many theories relaying the beneficial effect urine therapy may have, it is definitely a personal choice whether one wants to engage in this practice or not. For now, at least the alternative has been presented for the reader to question and identify their own opinion on this topic.


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