5 Christmas Gift-Giving Alternatives

girlEveryone is obviously allowed to celebrate Christmas in their own fashion, but is the endless splurging on manufactured items the truest way to express how one feels?

The intent of this article is not to disgrace the energy many put into buying gifts for others, but to illuminate the fact that the holiday has drastically changed from its humble origin. It is possible to celebrate Christmas without going broke, and your love can still be shown in a variety of ways.

For many reasons, adopting alternatives to gift giving could yield many benefits: less environmental impact, better bank balance, and more rewarding and heart-felt expressions of love.

The following alternatives share how one can still express their fondness for their family and celebrate the winter holiday:

1. Homemade Gifts

What is a gift if not the meaning behind it? A macaroni-toilet paper creation given from your youngest may be more meaningful than the latest makeup set from Walmart. If costs are an issue or you’d just like to connect more with your family, consider creating cards, crafts, and home-made presents that speak louder than a price tag.

2. Volunteer

Feeling charitable? Why not volunteer during Christmas and share where it’s truly needed. You can spend time with your family and truly embrace the holiday spirit at soup kitchens or caroling at a nursing home. With less focus on the gift-giving, you may reconnect with the beauty of what it is to be human and enjoy the holiday much more.

3. Donate

Compared to people from certain other countries, is there that much you actually need? Perhaps you could give the amount of money you would have spent on yourself or a loved one and donate it to a charity like Gospel for Asia or World Vision! The present of a Goat, Chicken, or Sewing Machine can literally change lives, and this gift can open up a new world for someone else.

Giving livelihood or a main staple in one’s existence is one of the greatest gifts you could purchase; the added benefit of buying it in one’s honor says more than a temporary present, as well.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Turn Christmas celebration into an all-day event: using goods purchased from the dollar store, get creative with your kids and let them search for clues and scavenge their gifts in an exploratory way. Integrating fun into the celebration will not only stretch your dollar, but will engage everyone in the family time for a longer period.

5. See the World

Consider using the time and money to travel around. You can easily spread love and enjoy time with your family while everyone has time off. With this opportunity, you can also choose a new location you’ve never visited and gain inspiration for the season from a different culture’s perspective.

Depending on what Christmas means to you, consider updating your past habits and traditions and moving forward with new celebration ideas which may benefit you, your family, and the world.

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