4chan Targets Florida Teens Who Set an Endangered Tortoise On Fire

When 4chan thinks you've gone too far, you've really gone too far.

Warning: This story contains graphic content that may be NSFW.

Two North Florida girls are in hot water—off- and online—after torturing a rare gopher tortoise and sharing the footage online.

The teens, as catalogued in graphic and disturbing videos they posted to YouTube and Facebook, attempted to burn the turtle multiple times. Unsatisfied, they threw it against the hard pavement multiple times, taunted it, and ultimately stomped it to death, all the while laughing and delighting in its suffering.

In posting the videos online, however, the girls only assisted in the Internet’s attempts at serving up vigilante justice for the gopher tortoise, who was listed as a threatened species in Florida in 2007.

Earlier this week, 4chan’s /b/ board commenced with a doxing effort— doxing refers to the public release of private, identifying information—dubbed “Operation Shell Shock.”

As shown in the images below 4chan identified the location of where this incident took place.


Photo via Imgur


Photo via Imgur

After being alerted to the videos by a Las Vegas Animal Control officer, Nevada Voters for Animals President Gina Greisen joined in the quest for the girls to face justice. Campaiging on Facebook, the animal right’s group posted both original videos with pleas for its members to report the actions of the teens to the Clay County sheriff’s office.


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