40+ Stunning Satellite Photos That Will Change The Way You See This World

These remarkable satellite photos are sure to change your perspective on planet Earth.


Credit: Benjamin Grant/Digital Globe

How people see the world is largely subjective, which is one of the reasons photographer Benjamin Grant is inspired to change the way people view the planet. Every day, the talented artist shares one satellite photo from Digital Globes to inspire humans around the world to see Earth in a unique and new way. He told Bored Panda: 

“With a focal length 16 times longer than a standard DSLR camera, the cameras are so powerful that you can take a picture of a beach ball on the Golden Gate Bridge in full resolution…from Los Angeles. I try to present the images with no bias and let people decide what these altered landscapes mean, based on the facts and the visual evidence in the frame. I believe that this perspective is a means to start a conversation about the condition of our planet and how we can better protect it.”

“I create the images by stitching together numerous high-resolution satellite photographs. I partnered with a satellite company called DigitalGlobe and accordingly have access to their full archive of imagery. Once I have put together a composite image, I then treat it like a photograph to make it as crisp and easy to understand as possible to accentuate certain patterns, colors, or places,” he adds.

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