40+ Images Cigarette Companies Don’t Want You To See – #17 Is Terrifying.

These are some of the most powerful anti-smoking ads ever created.

By now, it’s common knowledge that inhaling tobacco smoke is incredibly unhealthy. Despite this, approximately 1 in 5 teenagers and adults in the United States still smoke. The unfortunate effects of routinely lighting up include developing lung cancer and reducing one’s fertility. Smoking also increases an individual’s likelihood of developing other diseases of affluence, such as heart disease and diabetes.

To encourage citizens to give up the habit of smoking, a number of anti-smoking organizations have released powerful ads to dissuade present and future users from getting hooked on cigarettes or cigars. Though all ads are unique, they all have one common message: if you light up now, prepare to say “good bye” to future luxuries, such as living a long life (and not dying from lung cancer).

Following are 40+ horrific smoking ads that do a great job of persuading smokers to give up the habit:


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