4-Year-Old Homeless Girl Has Priceless Reaction To Being Surprised With Birthday Gifts

A young girl was surprised with gifts after the Prayksters - a Christian activist group - learned that her birthday was only a couple of days away...

Credit: Praynksters

Credit: Praynksters

Gifts aren’t necessary for a birthday party to be a success, but they can make it a bit more memorable. A 4-year-old girl was reminded of this when recently, the Prayksters – a group of Christian entertainers intent on doing good while playing jokes – surprised her with a bundle of gifts for her birthday.

The young girl, named Bella, is one of approximately 2.5 million children in the United States who are homeless. Though she has a family who loves her, they’ve been down on their luck. It’s for this reason that the young girl was surprised with a few different toys and treats after the Christian activists learned that her birthday was only two days away.

Upon meeting Bella at a barbecue party for the homeless, it became clear that she could use a bit more joy in her life. The Prayksters dashed to the store and returned with a bounty of gifts…

Watch her priceless reaction below: 

As GoodNewsNetwork points out, the thoughtful gifts might not change the family’s living arrangements, but it did make a big difference for Bella’s happiness. Plus, after learning more about the 4-year-old’s family, the Prayksters have followed through with a few more good deeds to assist the family. Jeff Agosta of the group said:

“Yes they are still in a shelter. She has lived there most (if not all) of her life… We have taken them out to eat, learned about the family’s situation, and got them some things they desperately needed. We hope to be a part of her life for as long as possible.”

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