4 Ways Advertisers Trick You Into Buying Sh** You Don’t Need

Despite not having the financial means to purchase more - nor, really, the necessity, people still do. What void are they trying to fill, and how do advertisers continue to persuade consumers to buy things they don’t need?

Credit: AJ+ Screenshot / YouTube

Credit: AJ+ Screenshot / YouTube

It’s the modern-day conundrum: You went into the store for one item and came back out with at least three shopping bags worth of goods you didn’t need.

Back in your car, you ponder, “How did this happen, yet again?”

In order to answer this question, AJ+ asked Jonah Sachs, the founder of Free Range Studios, to lay out some of the psychological tactics used in commercials and advertising.

From creating campaigns consumers can identify with to promoting a ‘gap’ of need and brainwashing people to believe they don’t have – or aren’t – enough, following are the 4 main ways advertisers trick you into buying stuff you really don’t need.

Basically, advertisers instill in consumers the fear of missing out, along with the message that “You suck, and if you don’t buy this product, you’re not going to be rich enough, smart enough, hot enough, etc…”

With the average individual exposed to 3,500 advertisements per day, it becomes understandable, then, how people have become almost brainwashed into wanting to consume more, and more, and more…

So how do we fix it? Comment your thoughts below and please share this article!

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