3D-Printed Innovations That Can Heal, Improve or Save Lives.

This technology is going to revolutionize our lives, bringing industrial power to our homes.  3D printing has been put to use by printing anything from houses to guitars but more importantly to save lives.

However this technology has some exciting medical applications as well, including the possibility of someday creating functional human organs.

Below are some 3D printed designs that can heal or save life.

The 3D Printed Cast That Heals Bones 40-80% Faster

The Osteoid, a 3d printing and ultrasonic technology cast created by Turkish student Deniz Karasahin, has potential to dramatically speed the bone healing process.

Credit: Deniz KarahasinSource

3D Printing a Human Heart Valve

heart valve was one of the first organs replicated by 3D printing. Scientists are now also working on building an entire human heart, from a combination of natural and artificial tissue.

A 3-D print of an artificial heart valve. Image: Jonathan T. Butcher, Cornell UniversitySource

3D-Printed Ear (That Can Hear Better than Human Ears!)

Scientists at Princeton University have designed a bionic ear that can hear better than human ears. And get this: It was printed using an off-the-shelf 3D printer.


3D-Printed Prosthetic Skull

An un-named man in the United States had 75 percent of his skull replaced with a 3D-printed plastic prosthetic, the first-known operation of its kind.

Skull replaced with a 3D-printed plastic prostheticSource

Wired UK reports a woman from the Netherlands has had the entire top section of her skull replaced with a transparent, plastic implant.


Printing Skin Cells on Wounds

Scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine are currently at work developing a 3D printer that will build new skin directly over a wound.


3D Printed Prosthetic Leg (Or Other Limbs)

With 3D Printers it is now easier than ever to manufacture very complex prosthetic limbs.



Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics 3d printed

Amazing Face Prosthetic

3D printing gave a man ravaged by cancer his face back in the form of an incredibly life-like prosthetic.


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