30+ Elderly Couples That Prove Love Has No Age Limit

These photos are proof that age is no barrier to true love.


The more you talk with people who are decades older than yourself, the more you realize that nobody truly feels old (unless they?re waking up in the morning and feeling the cricks and creaks of their body). Despite this, in mentality, most everyone feels youthful. Perhaps it’s because of this that love really has no age limit.

People are people, and whomever they get along with, they?re likely to keep in their lives. Thank goodness it’s possible for someone to feel as vibrant and in love in their 80’s and 90’s as they did in their 20’s and 30’s.

Following are 30+ photos that prove love has no age limit:

#1 Not?Caring What Others Think


Credit: Imgur

#2 Old Russian Couple From Khalilov Village Have Been Happily Married For 65 Years


Credit: Kozmi

#3 Getting Married, Because Now They Finally Can: Two Iowa Women Finally Marry After 72 Years Together


Credit: Thomas Geyer

?#4 Staying Young


Credit: RetardedCoati

#5 Elderly Couple Married For 63 Years Wear Adorable Rival Jerseys To Baseball Game


Credit: Isai76

#6 Sneaking A Hug In Public


Credit: leenyk

#7 “My Grandma, 96, With My Grandpa, 100, Hours Before Her Death This Weekend. 77 Years Of Marriage?


Credit: RealLiveGirl

#8 Staying Young!


Credit: hunterjumper391

#9 If Lost Return To Jan. He Stayed With Her The Whole Time


Credit: eternityinspace

#10 Trying New Things Together


Credit: Pouringwaffles

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