$26 Million Project Will Use Brain Implants to “Re-Wire” Mentally Ill People

Plan to re-wire the brains of the mentally ill with microchips announced by Janet Napolitano

Image Credit: Flickr /  Bill Brooks

Image Credit: Flickr / Bill Brooks

Janet Napolitano gave a disturbing speech last week at the University of California, during The New York Times Health For Tomorrow Conference.  In the speech she announced the college will be receiving a government grant of $26 million, which will be used to develop a brain implant that could rewire the brain of a human being. 

Napolitano said that this project would be specifically targeted at mentally ill people, and used the recent mass shooting at the campus as a pretense for taking these sorts of measures.  She claimed an implantable microchip that could rewire an individual’s brain would prevent tragedies like this from occurring in the future.

However, many are finding this announcement to be disturbing, considering the United States government’s criteria for what makes an individual mentally unstable.  According to the US government, and most other governments throughout the world, showing resistance towards authority and thinking for one’s self are both considered to be signs of mental instability.

With that being the case it does not take a stretch of the imagination to see the possibility that this technology could be used to stifle dissent and to rewire the brain of anyone who questioned the government.

According to an article on the UCSF website, the $26 million dollar grant that will fund this project is a part of a a $100 million Obama Administration initiative to fund technological treatments for neurological and psychiatric diseases.


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