25+ Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About (That Should Be The Norm Everywhere)

These tricks are genius and will save a lot of people plenty of hassle.

Work smarter, not harder, right? If that’s the case, some of the following ‘hacks’ need to be implemented around the world stat. Not only do many of the genius tricks inspire people to adhere to good habits (such as avoiding littering), some would prevent a lot of hassle. Compiled by Bored Panda, we think you’ll be inspired by the following 25+ hacks that should be implemented everywhere.

#1 Beijing Subway Allows Riders To Pay With Plastic Bottles

Credit: oceangreatideas.com

#2 “My Son’s Homework Has A Barcode That When Scanned Takes Him To An Instructional Youtube Video Posted By His Teacher Related To The Lesson”

Credit: nameihate

#3 This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff

Credit: hand

#4 This Store Has A Winter Simulator For Testing Out Winter Clothing

Credit: j1ggy

#5 “My Local Dentist Has A Ceiling ‘Where’s Wally?’ To Keep Patients Entertained During Appointments”

Credit: mtmannion

#6 This Chair Has A Purse/Bag Holder

Credit: crazycatchick

#7 “My Avocado Has A Color Chart On The Sticker, So You Know When It’s Ripe”

Credit: q0__0p

#8 Rotating Bench Keeps The Seat Dry After It Rains

Credit: yankodesign.com

#9 Open And Close Sign Board

Credit: Jason Chen

#10 This Bin That Lets You Vote For Things With Cigarette Butts In Edinburgh

Credit: Seth_Leaveon

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