25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True – #12 Is Unbelievable

From the true story behind 9/11 to the existence of secret societies, this list serves as evidence that one should ALWAYS question the official narrative.

Credit: MotherJones

Credit: MotherJones

Time to take off your tin foil hats, folks. While a number of conspiracy theories have been debunked and are worth forgetting, there are at least twenty-five that have been proven to be true. Much to the dismay of mainstream news outlets, internet trolls, and “rational” thinkers, the truth behind events such as 9/11, Hitler’s assassination, and even secretive war happenings have been – to one extent – exposed.

If this list teaches you anything, let it be to always be to question the official narrative. The next time you’re tempted to dismiss someone who claims to be a conspiracy theorist, just remember that they may actually be more sane than the general population. The following are 25 popular conspiracy theories that turned out to be true…

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