24 Chain Stores NOT Opening On Thanksgiving Day

You vote with your dollar, so support companies that are grateful for their employees and treat them well.

Credit: thegrumpyaussie.wordpress.com

Credit: thegrumpyaussie.wordpress.com

Black Friday, the coveted day in America which takes place after the nation’s Turkey feast, has almost become as much of a holiday as Thanksgiving itself.

For the day of sales, bargain-hunters (who the evening prior were stuffing themselves full of mashed potatoes and watching football) camp out near stores at incredibly early hours to claim the best prices on man-made goods.

Unfortunately, the tradition can get taken way too seriously sometimes as mob mentality sets in and people push – sometimes trampling and killing others – to steal away the best deals.

Why does it exist? Because corporations are always seeking to amass higher profits from consumers hooked on accumulating material possessions.

Believe it or not, stores have now begun encouraging Black Friday to begin even earlier, as soon as Thanksgiving Day (you know, when people should be sitting around, enjoying each others’ company, and being grateful for life…).

While this might be good for thrifty shoppers, it means even more store workers have to spend the holiday away from their families.


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If you’d rather support companies focused on kindness than greed, labor411 has compiled a great list of 20 chain stores that are making workers clock in during the Thanksgiving holiday and 24 chain stores that are mercifully closing their doors. 

You vote with your dollar, so spend wisely at stores that treat their employees fairly.

24 Chain Stores NOT Opening On Thanksgiving: 

1. Crate and Barrel

2. TJ Maxx

3. Barnes and Noble

4. Bed Bath and Beyond

5. BJ’s

6. Costco

7. Dillards

8. Home Depot

9. Home Goods

10. Jo Ann Fabrics

11. Lowe’s

12. Marshall’s

13. Nordstrom

14. P.C. Rochard and Son

15. Pier One

16. Publix

17. Radio Shack

18. Sur La Table

19. Sam’s Club

20. DSW shoes

21. Gamestop

22. Staples

23. Neiman Marcus

24. Burlington Coat Factory

20 Chain Stores That WILL Be Open On Thanksgiving: 

In contrast, the following will be exploiting their workers on a festive day while persuading millions of Americans to put on credit items they really don’t need.

1. Best Buy

2. Kohl’s

3. Walmart

4. Target

5. K-mart

6. JCPenney

7. Toys R Us

8. Sears

9. Macy’s

10. Michael’s

11. Big Lots

12. Shoe Carnival

13. Old Navy

14. Family Dollar

15. Bass Pro Shops

16. Dollar General

17. Victoria’s Secret

18. Office Depot

19. Office Max

20. Dick’s Sporting Goods

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