22 Photos of Disney Characters Placed In The Modern World Will Shock You

These 22 photos depicting Disney characters in the modern world are startling.

Credit: Jeff Hong

Credit: Jeff Hong

Disney movies with their beautiful, funny, and sometimes evil characters have always been something everyone can enjoy, even if it was only as a child. Adults still revel in the magic that Disney movies hold because sometimes reality isn’t fair, but a Disney movie always ends happily.

For former Disney storyboard-artist Jeff Hong though, a twist on the usually bright characters in Disney animations is what actually makes them interesting. In a series called Unhappily Ever After, he depicts a slew of different Disney characters in real-world situations, and it’s anything but pretty.

The characters are set in today’s world and the results are dark, as he exposes the world for its current unyielding pollution, corruption, poverty, and war. Seeing an image of your favorite Disney characters suffering in a way that many real people are today is meant to encourage others to grasp the issues the world is facing and, hopefully, decide that they want to be a part of the solution.

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