20+ Times There Was A Real-Life Glitch In The Matrix

This compilation will freak you out.

via Bored Panda

Do we live in a holographic universe, as geniuses such as Elon Musk suggest? After reviewing the images below, you might just conclude “yes”!

Shared by Bored Panda, the following series was compiled by internet users around the globe who at one point in another saw incredibly strange situations that are too weird to be labeled as ‘coincidences’.

For instance, one individual riding the subway happened to spot two pairs of twins riding next to each other. Another captured an image of strangers in exactly similar get-ups with the same physical appearance (at least from behind) taking a stroll on a busy metropolitan street.

Do we live in the matrix? If so, there appear to be a few glitches!

#1 Each Booth Is An Alternate Reality

Credit: cameronmross

#2 Double Glitch In The Matrix

Credit: Optomistik

#3 These Two Guys Entered The Metro From Different Stations And Don’t Even Know Each Other. They Kind Of Fit Together

Credit: Tcherno

#4 Leaked Photo Of The Rarest Planet Sequencing Event

Credit: Enguzelharf

#5 I Had To Do A Double Take And Then Another. I Wasn’t Sure I Was Seeing This Right. It Just Couldn’t Be

Credit: imgur.com

#6 Spotted A Glitch In The Matrix Today

Credit: mint_tea_logo

#7 Something Is Wrong Here

Credit: Bored Panda

#8 Oops

Credit: iwannabeaduck.com

#9 There’s A Glitch In The Matrix!

Credit: candyman_forever

#10 A Glitch In The Matrix

Credit: GummyyBear

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