20 Times People (And Animals) Didn’t Care About Your Rules

"Anarchists" can be really funny.


Throughout history, civil disobedience has been a prominent method of expressing disagreement with societal rules in an effort to change them. Sometimes, however, even the most minuscule of rules needs to be rebelled against because it’s just plain absurd, and these people (and animals) recognized that.

The following images are depictions of the 20 most hilarious times that someone said “this is ridiculous” and decided to respond in an equally ridiculous way.

1. 1950’s Anarchist


This is probably the most serious photo in the series, as racial discrimination is no laughing matter, but it’s great to see that no matter what the time period or situation, rebellion and humor have always been around to fight the system.

2. Lighten Up, Dr. Hedgehog


Dr. Hedgeh wanted everyone to know that he means business and so does his name, but someone else still had to have the last word (which was in the form of two letters).

3. Irish Anarchist


This anarchist went above and beyond to rebel against literally every banned item on this sign. We salute you.

4. Office Employee Anarchists


Anyone who’s worked in an office before has seen the obligatory office item that warns against removing it from its rightful place, lest it be lost along with the several others that went missing before it. This warning sign is a staple (pun intended) for offices everywhere, but these company employees couldn’t resist the opportunity to take this Floor 4 stapler on a world adventure.

5. Rebels Start Young


This appears to be a grade school student’s homework, and, if so, carry on.

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