20+ Surprisingly Useful Life Hacks From Over 100 Years Ago

These old life hacks are still just as useful today.

Credit: Gallagher Group

The only thing you may find more surprising than how useful and relevant these old life hacks are is the fact that these particular hacks were originally found on cards that came with each pack of Gallaher’s Cigarettes. The cards were numbered and akin to an incentive to choose their brand over others.

The Gallaher Group is a U.K.-based tobacco company that started in the early 1900s and is still around, although in a smaller capacity, today. The cards are a thing of the past, however, and the life hacks set was just one amongst many. Despite the significant changes that the entire world has gone through in the last century, these hacks remain shockingly relevant, as they address everyday problems that humans encounter and are stumped by.

Cards from this set totaled 100, but many of them were outdated and no longer applicable to modern times. You can see the applicable ones below.

Scroll through the life hack cards below and take notes!

1. Removing a splinter

Credit: Gallagher Group

2. Easily slice bread

Credit: Gallagher Group

3. Separate glasses that are stuck together

Credit: Gallagher Group

4. Revive cut flowers

Credit: Gallagher Group

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