20 Life Hacks That Will Seriously Improve Your Wellbeing

From taking a cold shower to clear up acne to combatting a migraine with a bowl of ice water, these are the life hacks you wish you learned in school.


There are a number of things people missed out on learning while in school. While it would have been nice to learn how to properly do one’s taxes, change a tire, and/or improve one’s health holistically, what students instead were taught were mathematical theorems and other interesting – yet not always applicable – facts. At least you know the Pythagorean theorem, yes?

To educate the public on a few life hacks they may have missed, I Love Positive Society posted a number to Facebook.

Following are twenty of the most relevant and interesting body hacks that will likely improve your well-being immensely upon being used. Please don’t forget to share! 

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