20+ Before & After Photos That Reveal The Effects Of Giving Up Alcohol

These ‘before and after’ photos are proof that giving up alcohol can dramatically affect one’s health and appearance.


Drinking alcohol might seem like the normal or ‘hip’ thing to do, but consuming it in excess over time can take a toll on one’s health. Effects of excessive alcohol consumption include increased risk of heart problems and stroke, damage to the liver and inflammation in the body, and an increased risk for cancers. In addition, alcohol is more likely to adversely affect a person’s attitude and behavior compared to substances such as caffeine or even marijuana.

While alcohol in moderation can be healthy – such as a glass of wine once or twice a week, the issue is that many people have little to no self-control when it comes to the amount of liquor they drink. Additionally, overconsumption of alcohol can negatively affect a person’s appearance.

Just take a look at the before and after photos below! It’s incredible how different people look after they’ve given up alcohol and adopted healthier lifestyles. In fact, some of these individuals don’t even look like their former selves! If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol abuse, perhaps pass this article on to inspire them to kick the habit so they can live a happier, longer life.


1) 7 Months Sober


2) 1 Year Sober


3) 6 Months Sober


4) 8.5 Months Sober


5) 1.5 Years Sober


6) 2 Years Sober


7) 1.5 Years Sober


8) 300 Days Sober


9) 1 Year Sober


10) 1 Year Sober


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