2-Year-Old Throws Tea Party For The Cop Who Saved Her Life

The pair celebrated an important anniversary while sipping tea and munching on cookies.

Credit: Chelle

Credit: Chelle Cates

When Bexley was just a one-year-old, she nearly died from choking on a coin. Luckily, Corporal Patrick Ray was dispatched to the scene and saved her life in time.

To mark the one-year anniversary of the incident, the 2-year-old was prompted to do something special for Ray. So, with the help of her mother, she held a tea party for the Corporal.

Huff Post relays that on July 17th, the pair sat down to a beautiful tea party at a park in Rowlett, Texas. As the photos, captured by professional photographer Chelle Cates reveal, the two had a lovely time.

Credit: Chelle Cates

Credit: Chelle Cates

Bexely isn’t likely to forget the Corporal’s actions anytime soon. The girl’s mom, Tammy Norvell, told CBS:

“Whenever I do ask my children ‘what do you want to pray for?’ Bexley always says, ‘Officer P Ray. Officer P Ray!’”

Credit: Chelle Cates

Credit: Chelle Cates

The law enforcement worker will always remember the date, as well. Apparently, saving Bexley, who was 22 months old then, was a turning point in his personal life and career. He said:

“[That] day is right up there with my children’s births. It has made me want to change people’s images and thoughts about these men and women that serve us everyday.”

Credit: Chelle Cates

Credit: Chelle Cates

Considering that most stories concerning the police nowadays involve violence, this news is a welcome respite.

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