15+ Of The Most Positive Posts To Have Ever Graced Twitter

Every single one of these posts is guaranteed to make you smile.

Social media is oftentimes used as a tool to glorify peoples’ lives, leaving many to feel as if they are inadequate and don’t measure up to the rest of society. Fortunately, sometimes platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are used by people to share messages of positivity and humility.

When activists use the internet to engage others in a productive way and spread positivity, it ripples out and affects change in ways we cannot yet measure nor comprehend. What is known, however, is that when one is inspired to be happy, their joy spreads and encourages others to leave sully expression and attitudes behind, and offer gratitude for the good things that do exist. That in turn, inspires more optimism.

In each of the following posts which were compiled by Bored Panda, something positive is shared which, for understandable reasons, went viral. We’ll be you can’t scroll through this series without smiling at almost every single post.











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