15 Most Affordable Plant Foods for Vibrant Health

Image Credit / Pixabay

Image Credit / Pixabay

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

It’s becoming common knowledge that the more plant-based foods one includes in their diet, the healthier they will be. However, with opposition from (temporary) low-cost fast foods, pre-packaged meals, and ready-to-nosh sugary snacks, many feel there is no way they can benefit their health and maintain their food budget.

The opposite is true, though! If one is dedicated to transforming their life, feeling their best, and saving money on their health in the now and in the future, there are a variety of foods available. The following 15 foods are the most affordable plant-based staples found in most areas of the world.

It’s a correct assumption that stocking up on these food staples will require more food preparation; however, the time preparing nourishing food for yourself and family is a small investment that will yield many positive results.

Culinary preparation with plant foods is also an art you may come to enjoy. Hippocrates was correct “food is thy medicine”, so become your own doctor! Many free resources with delicious and easy recipes are available in the thousands of vegetarian and vegan recipe books and on the internet.

Utilizing these staples will mean that you are finally taking control of your health and changing your life one bite at a time. Stock up and save with these enriching plant foods:

1. Buckwheat

Includes all amino acids, is high-carbohydrate, low fat, moderate protein, and is extremely affordable. Abundant in B vitamins and more!

2. Beans

Legumes are a complete source of protein, are high in B vitamins, Iron, and Magnesium.

3. Purslane

This green is thought to be a weed, but it is actually one of the highest sources of healthy Omega-3 fats in the world! Easily found at farmer’s markets or grown in your own garden, it yields many benefits.

4. Bananas

Take your search for affordable produce one step further by buying those bananas which are becoming riper and decreasing in cost. They are actually much more easily digested by the body and contain more nutrients.

5. Quinoa

A source of all amino acids, B vitamins,

6. Flax

Great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

7. Carrots

Easily grown during most seasons, low in cost, and abundant in Vitamin A and C.

8. Seasonal Produce

Take advantage of those foods that are available in the regions of where you live. Common examples include: oranges and apples during winter, melons, peaches, and berries in the summer.

9. Chia Seeds

While an initial investment, these power-packed seeds (abundant in protein, Omega-3’s, and fiber) absorb 10x their weight, have 5x the calcium of milk, and are extremely filling. They’ll last a long time and support your best health.

10. Potatoes

Starchy, low-cost, and full of Vitamin C, potatoes have been a staple for thousands of years.

11. Spinach

An extremely easy-to-find green which is packed with protein, Vitamin A and C, and full of fiber, it is a food worthy for your fridge.

12. Rice

This grain is easy to prepare, is high in fiber, and gives many life-promoting nutrients.

13. Sunflower Seeds

If you’re seeking to include more nuts and seeds, sunflowers are very diverse, abundant in Vitamin E, and one of the least expensive.

14. Sprouts

Bean sprouts are extremely affordable, abundant in nutrition, and are even easy to grow at home which can save you more.

15. Oats

Heart-healthy, delicious, and economical? You bet!

These 15 plant-based staples can make up a substantial part of one’s diet, thereby reducing food costs and supporting the journey for vibrant health.

Seek many of these in your local grocery store (always keeping in mind organic, top-quality is best) and watch your health improve while your food and medical costs shrink.


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