15 Illustrations Depicting The Difference Between Real Love And Passion

These simple illustrations portray the difference between real love which lasts and passionate lust that’s bound to fade.


It’s easy to fall in like, but what about true love? Finding someone – a companion, a friend, a lover – who is willing to accept you not only at your best but also your worst is not as easy as romantic comedies portray it to be.

Fortunately, illustrations provided by Bright Side offer a unique perspective of what true love vs passion really is. Real love is realizing that no one is perfect, but that it’s possible to find a companion who complements you. Passion is losing interest in a lover after they gain weight, become injured, or reveal their awful fashion sense.

In today’s world, approximately 2/3 of marriages end in divorce. Perhaps if more people understood what real love truly is, this wouldn’t be the issue it is. Scroll the photos below to learn more:






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