14 Cops Take Out Homeless Man With One Leg And Try To Stop People From Filming



A video surfaced recently showing a handcuffed homeless man with one leg being assaulted by a large group of police officers. The man was attacked by over a dozen police officers, some who pinned him down, others who prevented bystanders from filming.

Journalist Chaedria LaBouvier was on the scene and was able to get one of the best recordings of the incident.

The police were called on the man because he was allegedly carrying around “sticks.” However, those “sticks” were simply his crutches, because he obviously needs them to walk considering that he only has one leg.

As the police became aggressive with him, onlookers began to protest the brutality but the police ignored them, and attempted to put distance between themselves and the bystanders.

At one point during the struggle, the homeless man’s pants were removed and the police left him there in the street like that restrained.

LaBouvier yelled to the officers and asked them if they were, “protecting and serving the community by having this man half naked.”

“If that’s policing, where a man who is handicapped and is half naked on the street is policing, you’re not policing…. I’m a member of this community and I don’t feel protected. I don’t feel safe,” LaBouvier said.

Another bystander yelled, “They ain’t gonna shoot you man, that’s why we have these cameras out here.”

After the incident, the man was forcibly taken the hospital and was not charged with anything because he was not doing anything wrong.

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