110-Year-Old Man Reveals The 5 Foods Responsible For His Flawless Health

He puts it simply, “You are what you eat!”

His father’s advice and simple foods helped him reach his milestone birthday.

Meet Bernardo LaPallo. He’s over 110 years old although most would think he is 80 or even younger. He has never been sick a day in his life, avoids certain foods like the plague, eats a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, and regularly consumes these 5 foods, a secret passed down to him by his father which he believes is the key to his longevity.
Bernardo puts it simply, “You are what you eat!”

His father was a doctor and lived to be 98 years old. In this video he reveals his secrets and the 5 foods that he says are responsible for his flawless health:

To keep his mind sharp and active he solves crossword puzzles and read books. Have you ever seen someone over 100 years old as alive and well as Bernardo? I sure haven’t.


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