11-Year-Old Reels In Purse Lost In Lake For 25 Years, Returns It To Owner

Brodie Brocks was able to finally return the treasure to its owner.


The contents of April Port’s old purse. Credit: Inside Edition

11-year-old Brodie Brocks was fishing with his friend on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina when he reeled in something surprising. It was a waterlogged old purse, which had been at the bottom of the lake for almost 25 years.

Brocks said, “My rod tip was bending, and then when I got it up to the surface, me and Vin were like ‘well you ain’t got fish, you got treasure!’”


11-year-old Brodie Brocks. Source: Inside Edition via Youtube

Brocks examined the contents of the purse, finding almost everything still nearly intact. He uncovered baby photos, credit cards, makeup, and a wallet revealing the owner. It turned out to be a family friend, April Port. Now, Brocks and Port are bonded forever over the surprising discovery. 

The Good News Network reports, “The purse had disappeared off of a boat that Bolt had boarded during a family cookout in 1992. Bolt assumed that it had been stolen – but she was even more happy to find that everything was still in relatively good shape.”

Bolt explained to Inside Edition that the handful of baby pictures were of her new baby son, who she was carrying in her arms when she lost the purse. Although she had written everything off as gone forever, she even her old high school diploma turned up, tucked into the pocketbook. Port said even her old tube of lipstick had managed to hold up.


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