20+ Times Masculinity Was Destroyed By Internet Users Who Don?t Give A F*%$

This compilation is bound to make you laugh, if it doesn't prompt you to bang your head on the table...

The effect gender stereotypes have on both men and women can be incredibly damaging. Men, for example, are told from a young age that they should be tough, never cry, and should use physical force and intimidation to get what they want in life.

Obviously, in the modern era, more people accept that boys and men don?t need to adhere to a hegemonic stereotype to prove that they are capable of handling whatever life throws at them. Unfortunately, some – mainly brands – haven?t received the memo that characteristics of people aren?t determined by gender.

In each instance that follows, internet users blow the lid off the assumption that what makes a man tough is his ability to assert dominance and independence. Championing the hashtags #FRAGILEMASCULINITY and #Masculinitysofragile, the compilation highlights how absurd traditional perceptions of masculinity be. Gathered by Bored Panda, they?re sure to make you laugh (if not jump up and down in frustration).


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