10 Things You Should Be More Concerned About Than Islamic Terrorism

Just what we need, more things to worry about.

Photo from indianexpress.com

Photo from indianexpress.com

Terrorism, unfortunately, has been attributed to Islam, thanks to a few extremists who give the religious sect a bad name. From the Al Qaeda to ISIS, most people, whether they would like to admit it or not, now feel uncomfortable whenever they see Moslems boarding an aircraft or walking inconspicuously towards a crowded park.

To date, there are almost 100 deaths reported caused by violent jihadist attacks, doubling that of the acts of terrorism that the U.S. have been going through that are not related to Islamic extremists. Unfortunately for the rest of us, there are even more things that we should be worried about more than this terror, and here are 10 of them.

Photo from techtimes.com

Photo from techtimes.com

1. Television

According to a recent study referenced by USA Today, people who watch TV for more than three hours a day were twice at risk of suffering an early death compared to those who watch less. Also, the study found that watching TV kills brain cells so you’re probably better off trying to get some sun a bit outside.

Photo from bigislandnow.com

Photo from bigislandnow.com

2. Fireworks

Every year, a minimum of seven deaths are reported during the Fourth of July weekend, that’s according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And just so you know, that’s a half more than the casualties recorded coming from Islamic terror attacks, which stand at 3.2 fatalities annually. This means that people are more than likely to blow themselves up than getting bombed by a jihadist extremist – making you think twice before you gawk over those pretty little sparkly things.

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