10 Signs We Live in a False Economy

It’s time to admit that we live in a false economy. Smoke and mirrors are used to make us believe the economy is real, but it’s all an elaborate illusion.

Out of one side of the establishment’s mouth we hear excitement about “green shoots”, and out of the other side comes breathless warnings of fiscal cliffs and the urgent need for unlimited bailouts by the Fed.

We hear the people begging for jobs and the politicians promising them, but politicians can’t create jobs. We see people camped out to buy stuff on Black Friday indicating the consumer economy is seemingly thriving, only to find out everything was bought on credit.

The corporate media does their best to distract us from seeing anything real. We see the media glorify Kim Kardashian who got rich by being famous, and became famous merely by being rich. She got front page coverage on Huffington Post this week because her cat died.  Enough said.

Meanwhile the financial media makes the economy seem complicated and they ban anyone who speaks truthfully about the economy from their airwaves.

Is it any wonder why people are angry and confused about the economy?

Well, hopefully these signs that we live in a false economy will help clear up some of that confusion.

1. Fake Jobs: It’s not just that the “official” unemployment numbers are a fraud, the actual jobs are fake as well. Ask yourself how many professions actually produce something of value? 80% of jobs could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn’t affect basic human survival or happiness in the least. Yes, in our society we need money to survive – and jobs equal money – but that doesn’t mean a “job” has any actual benefit to society.  More on this in the next point…
2. Problems Create Jobs, Not Solutions: We can’t fix real problems, because it would destroy more fake jobs. We can’t end the wars and bring all of the personnel home when the jobless rate is already suffering. We can’t end the War on Drugs because where would the DEA agents, prison guards, the court system, parole officers, and the rest of their support staff work. We can’t simplify the tax code because the bookkeepers, CPAs, accounting professors, and tax attorneys would be unemployed. We cannot reduce the bureaucracy of government or streamline healthcare because paper pushers have few other notable skills. We can’t stop spying on Americans because it now employs millions of people. We can’t restrict the Wall Street casino, or hardly anyone will be left with a job. Finally, what will happen to university jobs when people either realize their product is not worth the cost or they discover they can get the same education online for nearly free? In other words, we need these manufactured problems to create phony employment.

3. Money Has No Value:  Money is the biggest illusion of all. Our money is loaned into existence with arbitrary interest rates by a private monopoly. It is an IOU. It only has value because a law says it has value, and that value fluctuates based on how much supply is in the economy which, again, is controlled by a for-profit monopoly. It’s actual value is zero since it is just a piece of paper with fancy ink on it. The only things with real value to humans are skills (labor), tools and materials, food and water, and energy.

4. The Fed Now Buys 90% of the Nation’s Debt: Speaking of money, the Federal Reserve loans money to the US government who issues bonds to cover their spending. Those bonds are sold on the open market through auctions to investors who believe in the ability of the United States to make good on those bonds. Apparently, the US has no more investors because the Fed is now buying 90% of new Treasury bonds. This is called monetizing debt, or, essentially, monetizing money. That’s what a Ponzi scheme does. This acts to keep interest rates artificially low because they’d have to raise them to attract outside “investors”.  In layman terms, our whole monetary system is a paper tiger, a house of cards, or whatever metaphor you want to use for fake.

5. What is the Value of Anything?  The price discovery mechanism, or the process to determine the value of an asset in the marketplace, has become so convoluted that determining the genuine value of anything has become nearly impossible. Between government subsidizes for things like food, fuel, education, housing, insurance and even cars; taxes, regulations and laws; the manipulation of the value of money and interest rates; Wall Street gambling on commodities; what is the real value of something? For example, why does an ounce of marijuana (a weed that can grow anywhere) cost up to $500?  Is that the real value based on labor and materials, and supply and demand? Of course not. Its value is inflated mainly due to laws and regulations.

6. Failure is Rewarded:  You know we live in a false economy when failure is rewarded and success is penalized. Citizens everywhere are being told they need to tighten their belts, work harder so we can bailout the failed government, banks, insurance companies and even car companies. And when we work harder and achieve some success, they tax it heavily to indefinitely pay for these fraudulent institutions. Yet this infinite money creation and taxation is light years from solving the root cause of the problem. The reality is that the banks’ solutions are the problem, enriching the investor class at the expense of the middle class. Global bankers are playing with taxpayer money – and the money of many future generations – in a global casino royale that is destined to fail so they can take the people’s assets. They are all-in; but their money is fake, and our assets put at risk are real.

7. Corporate entities have the same rights as humans, but not the same punishments:  When the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have free-speech rights of people, it was one of the final nails in the coffin of the republic. Monied interests can now openly finance elections and buy the legislation they need to operate with impunity. Corporations may be comprised of humans, but they are not subjected to the same standard of humanity. It was profoundly argued in the article What if BP Were a Human Being? that judged by common standards of morality, decency, and previously agreed-upon definitions of criminality, BP would be judged a psychopathic killer … and immortal. Ditto for the rest leading the predatory corporate pack; the most obvious being defense contractors.  And since these corporations are now joined at the hip with government itself, what does that make government? By changing definitions, they are attempting to change reality. But that still doesn’t make it the truth.

8. People buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have: In a type of trickle-down debt whirlpool, the government’s rampant spending without sufficient assets to back it up is mirrored in the behavior of the American consumer. Despite inflation, rising unemployment, and a continued collapse in real estate, it hasn’t stopped credit spending. The Associated Press just reported that for the month of October:

Americans swiped their credit cards more often in October and borrowed more to attend school and buy cars. The increases drove U.S. consumer debt to an all-time high.

The Federal Reserve said Friday that consumers increased their borrowing by $14.2 billion in October from September. Total borrowing rose to a record $2.75 trillion.

Borrowing in the category that covers autos and student loans increased by $10.8 billion. Borrowing on credit cards rose by $3.4 billion, only the second monthly increase in the past five months. (Source)

Most troubling is the type of borrowing highlighted. The worst possible borrowing would be these negative-return investments such as student loans, credit cards, and cars. It is magical thinking taken to the highest degree.

9. Entrepreneurs are punished: It has become nearly impossible to make a simple living on your own. America has become a land filled with bureaucratic red tape that actively thwarts small business creation and criminalizes independence. There is perhaps no better example of this than the attacks waged against the ultimate entrepreneurial endeavor of self-reliance: the family farm. Through collectivist models such as Agenda 21, long-running family farms are being shut down and supplanted with “protected zones.” In the most recent case, a family oyster farm was shut down based on provably false scientific data that aimed to demonstrate negative environmental and economic impacts. It was completely fake, ending an 80-year local business that generated 50,000 tourists per year and employed 30 full-time local residents. In many of these cases the federally stolen property winds up in the hands of developers who have no interest in a true local economy. It is an inherent part of any false economy to create dependence where none should exist at all. A five-minute video that can be seen here sums up the American economy of illusions and the death of the American Dream.
10. Engineered Slavery: Do you think slavery died in the 1800s?  Think again. Economic hitmen (lenders) have successfully enslaved-by-debt everything from nations, entire industries, state and local governments and nearly every person on the planet. And they bought your servitude with money they never had, they simply created it out of thin air. Even if an individual doesn’t have any bank financing or credit cards, they still pay the private Federal Reserve through inflation and income taxes. As author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, would say: the time has come for the banks to collect their “pound of flesh” from average citizens by way of higher taxes, less social services, and taking your pensions — “austerity.” For an enlightening explanation of how economic hitmen work their dark magic please watch this video.  If you’re still confused, see these 10 signs you might be a slave.  Another, more obvious, form of engineered slavery is prison labor. Laws and regulations are specifically created to add to the prison population which enriches the corporations that own them, while local communities actually become poorer and more dangerous (source).
As George Carlin said, “It’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” It would be bad enough if it were contained to only one country, but we are now experiencing a global collective dreaming that fantasizes about a government figuring things out just in the nick of time. However, in the real world, the collapse has begun in earnest. Until we are committed to counter the 10 points above, we will remain in the grip of an hallucination. However, there are encouraging signs through protests worldwide, alternative currency movements, and myriad creative solutions in the most affected countries like Iceland, Greece, and Spain that people are beginning to shake off their sleep, look in the mirror and realize that the dream economy they have been sold was designed to make them seek solutions in entirely the wrong direction.

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50 Responses to "10 Signs We Live in a False Economy"

  1. ThunderCell  December 11, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    I don’t think it’s only the fault of us not seeing it. I also do believe that alot of us don’t want to see. People are afraid of what they dont know, and we are made being afraid of the unknown. Only you can open your own eyes and see. The others can just help in cooping with the reality of it….

  2. kevin  December 12, 2012 at 12:31 am

    Also the people that do notice and see, can’t really do much but try and get more people to see while in the meantime being stuck in someone else’s Dream.

    • laurel  February 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm

      Many people see / know but are afraid. Too much is changing to fast. Everything has come too easy for many the past 40 yrs and now everything is choking them. People don’t know how to deal with the matters at hand. People are very gullible. The best thing the people can do is VOTE! Don’t believe everything politicians say. Research each and everyone of them before you make your choice but by all means exercise your right to VOTE while you still have that right.

  3. Samuel Frass  December 12, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Bright minds through history have developed a sofisticated model to control humanity. This model is not different from belives in the past of Earth being the center of the Universe, Earth being flat, the Kings are descedants of God, nobles with blue blood. Spread the truth.

  4. Artem Safarian  December 12, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Good 1

    • jay howard  December 12, 2012 at 11:16 pm

      Once I saw the comments about Agenda 21 I realized this entire article was the product of tinfoil hat wearing nutjobs. Before that I figured it was just a joke.

  5. Amber  December 13, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    Excellent work! Pulling many strings together and laying it out comprehensively for easy understanding as it can be an overwhelming and complex topic for people to understand(created that way on purpose). It’s so unbelievably criminal, but in the midst of frustration with those realizations is hope that we really are shifting in consciousness and more people are waking up to see how they/we have been duped for so long! I am going to share it as “Must Read”. I sincerely thank you for your efforts in promoting and sharing truth! ~Amber

  6. Emelie Healer  December 16, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    I don’t see the point of this entire article. What is the purpose for writing it and what is the solution apart from complaining and blaming?

    Please don’t blame the system for being “criminal” or punishing the working or middle-class. The truth is that Americans and most of the Western world are plain lazy. They want something for nothing. They want a comfortable life but they are not willing to do what it takes.

    Take it from the rest of the world that the problems of the West is fundamentally a problem of entitlement and blaming. If the rest of the world can understand how money works, can simplify their life, delay gratification, earn, hold and grow money through investments, prudent spending and sheer determination and creativity – what excuse does America have?

    Americans want “jobs” that provide security and benefits so they can “retire comfortably” while Asians think, “How can I add value to the economy? How can I invest so my wealth can extend at least three generations?”

    Things can only change when Americans start owning up to their lack of personal responsibility in learning about money, micro-economies, etc. No other place in the world can you see people so vehemently bent as a collective to blame their government for their own personal / household economic woes.

    • Benny  December 18, 2012 at 4:16 pm

      Hello, I feel the article has a tone that is calm, and born of much thought and conversation, observation and experience. The system we live in defines our behaviour. And our behaviour os pretty bad, lazy. To be sure.
      I really like how Asian families gang up on a money mission, and buy a house for newly weds, or otherwise, (like a rewards for good study results and graduations) within their family. They seem a little closer to something we lost that was done in a western way.
      I don’t feel the author particularly blames any class of people, because this monster, our economical theory and specualtioin on the value of commodities, and even the welcomed and well-valued value of failure, in a way, is out of control, and no people are really connected enough to bring a message. I think we are seeing through things now, and we are too wise to hit the streets in protest (because it can cause as much trouble as using credit can for a nation) that the tone I find in a lot of articles like this are deeply contemplating the next move of humanity, in terms of a major shift in our thinking about each other, about the things we like to do, and the things that we would like to finally see put away. Like warfare, greed, hunger (which is unnecessary) and a lot of disease brought about by bad food, dirty water, terrible air and an environment that will react to us by making the earth unable to support life in ways that we cannot know as yet.

    • Marc  January 24, 2013 at 3:05 pm

      Emilie i’m from the UK but it pisses me off to see you blaming Americans for being lazy and not as hard working as Asians. Its total BS. Most Indians and Chinese are basically slaves why should Americans have to compete with slavery. Have you ever been to Asia? I have friends in Asia who work every single day, they have no weekend and some of them barely see sunlight. Why should everyone have to live like that?

      Americans used to be considered the most hard working people in the world but then globalisation started to happen and rich people sent their jobs overseas. Working people in the US were abandoned as a reward for demanding better pay and conditions over the years.

      Americans have never been lazy. Americans are still near the top when it comes to working hours per week thats just a FACT. People in Europe and in Asia never work 2 or 3 jobs like so many Americans do, they learn to do with less or government gives them more. Americans are the most motivated, optimistic people in the world and want to achieve their dreams because thats the culture. America was created by striving immigrants with a dream. The average asian is not so motivated in my experience, dont confuse hardworking immigrant asians with the average asian in their own country.

      How does your crappy theory explain Japan, their economy has been stagnating for about 20 years. America is still in much better shape. It has more unemployment, but it has to cope with way more immigrants. Japan is still a racist country that tries to prevent foreigners living there. What explains Japan is the fact that when a country gets rich its people can’t be forced to work all day for little pay, so growth is more difficult. China is growing fast now because it has a billion hungry, desperate workers to fill the factories with and nets outside the windows to prevent them jumping to their deaths. India isn’t growing as fast as China thats because it calls itself a democracy which means that unlike China it cant force people out of their home and into work camps.

      Germany (which is in the West BTW) probably has the best performing economy in the world. Yes China has higher GDP growth but its coming from a position of everyone living like slaves so it doesnt really count. Germany works less hours than most of the world. Greece works the most hours in Europe and some Germans dare to call Greeks lazy, just like you falsely label Americans. Its not simply about working hard its about how much the 1% are allowed to take from everybody else. In Germany the workers have a say in what happens to the profits, they have unions they have a socialist party in power. I know it might hurt you to see the facts but take a look at this if you dont believe me http://dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/working-hours.png

      I dont know whatever sick thoughts make you want to blame your own countrymen for a corrupt and unfair system but i tell you it just disgusts me.

    • Kane  January 24, 2013 at 7:58 pm

      There are many places in the world where people labor in extremely harsh conditions for extended periods of time for their entire lives and never see a, “comfortable life”. The ability to live a, “comfortable life” has very little to do with ones personal effort, but is centered on the collective effort of a society and the institutions that exist within it. Even in the Western World there is a gross discrepancy in the standard of living between the U.S and Scandinavia. The U.S has the longest working hours of the developed world and the shortest vacation time, and yet posses a crumbling healthcare system, poor education, massive debt and currently comes in at twenty-three on the lastest WDI. ( http://articles.cnn.com/2011-05-25/opinion/cooper.vacation.europe_1_holiday-entitlement-work-life-working-time-directive?_s=PM:OPINION)

      Scientific advancements have improved our lives dramatically, to the point that every generation thinks that every succeeding generation is spoiled and lazy. Does this mean we should accept the status quo and “do what it takes” to obtain a “comfortable life”, i.e. exploit, compete, and struggle just to live. No matter how hard I labor, grinding away, putting off “gratification”, fulling my role as wage slave; I could never live a “comfortable life” in this barbaric system, knowing that a billion people go hungry and thirty-four thousand children die everyday from starvation. It is easy and comforting to see the world in black and white, where people suffer because of laziness, where war is just human nature and misery results from, “a lack of responsibility”. These issues are much more complex than the brush you stroke them with and I suggest you do a little more research on the interplay between labor and economic prosperity.

    • Thomas Coker  February 5, 2013 at 7:52 pm

      I greatly agree with Benny here. Although, I feel that we all need to come to the realization that our society promotes nothing but EGO. We as a species need to see past EGO and just BE. We are taught to compete with each other and then taught to act like that is the way it is and it shall always be that way. However, we are the only species on the planet that is REQUIRED to pay to exist. To cast blame on anybody for this situation is completely unnecessary. The people that are in charge are so much more aware of the true nature of reality. They keep us in a state of conditional materialism. A state of fear and low vibrational frequency. They pit us against each other, and create all these differences to further their agendas. If you just stop and think about life for just a moment, you will start to see that it is merely energy. You cannot change the past, nor can you alter the future, you can only live in the NOW. The solution to these problems we have is so simple we look past it as if it is not a possibility. We are actually taught to doubt that it is a possibility. You merely have to be aware, open-minded, and spread knowledge. That is how we solve these problems.

      We are born as pure energy, you can see this when you observe a new-born. At that point a child hasn’t had any influence, positive or negative. In early years the child’s actions are all based out of love and positivity, until we are taught to limit ourselves, until we are taught to be different. Just be love, spread love, AND don’t judge anyone for who they are, We are all one, just experiencing different variables.

    • Cosmin  July 16, 2013 at 8:45 pm

      you are quite retarded, you didn’t understand too much from this article did you??? every normal human being wants a safe comfortable life, Asian or American, and think honestly and logicaly, do you actually think that every human being on this planet can make money by investing money??? first of all my friend, only a few people have money to invest, most of the rest of the people have to work to get some money….but as I can see you watched too much bullshit that promised you that if you just do the right thing you’ll get rich…I doubt it, but even if you do, after you get rich ask yourself if everybody else can get rich by doing the same thing….if everybody starts selling shit who will buy anymore???

  7. Benny  December 18, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    Um, each day, with each (independent) news report, and opinion, it appears the banksters aren’t very much interested in their future either. They seem to be like parents hooking their kids on drugs so that the kids end up on a disablilty support pension, and they don’t have to do a thing. For the rest of their lives. Except, rake it in, I suppose. And expect the kids to look after themselves…

  8. Scott  January 12, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    The solutions, I have found, are so ridiculously simple I wonder why I couldn’t see them before. I had to stop going to extreme lengths to not be brainwashed and just accept the fact that I’ve already been brainwashed. I’ve already been indoctrinated. I don’t need to be so angry with the people who don’t see. It’s my anger that’s robbing me of my power. The solution was to accept that I wasn’t being robbed of my power i was voluntarily giving it away. So each day I try not to give my power away. I work at a stress free job that falls so well within my skill set I could probably phone it in. The house which the bank owns that I live in is paid just enough to keep them happy. Interest only. I’m free to borrow more anytime I want, which I never do. I drive a ford ranger that has been paid for years ago and I’ll drive it till the wheels fall off. I don’t shop, I don’t watch American idol I don’t read people magazine and I never listen to Donald trump. I take my kids tobogganing, which costs nothing and I socialize with friends over coffee 4 or 5 days a week. I no longer invest my money “wisely”. In a well balanced, well managed portfolio. That was the primary way I gave my power away, I kept giving my money to financial institutions and wal mart. They had successfully brainwashed me into believing that was the best thing I could do for myself. Now since I’ve stopped doing that, I’m happier today than I’ve ever been.

  9. monk  January 24, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    Keep in mind that Nos. 6, 9, and 10 are contradicted by the other numbers, esp. by No. 3. Thus, what is essentially worthless (money) is what we work hard for and what is also taxed.

    With that, the only way out of this is not to use money, and given a capitalist system where more goods and services are needed using more money in order to make more money, to move away from that system or prepare for a future with almost no middle class conveniences (e.g., cars, furnished houses, etc.) as that system falls apart given a combination of the use of money, peak oil, and climate change.

    Other than that, it’s a very good list.

    • Jean  January 24, 2013 at 9:15 pm

      Probably the sense of contradiction between those points just emphasizes the fact that the economy we use is just that messed up. It is true money has no ‘real’ value, it’s just a picture on paper. The false economy has given it an arbitrary value. However, most people still need to work with what we have (money) to survive but even that attempt at survival is thwarted at every turn.

  10. Ogrebeast SixtyFour  February 5, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    It’s very hard to actually read any articles on here with that stupid javascript popping up right in the middle of everything asking you to “Like” this page.

  11. Yasea  February 7, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    So far the best solution is to remove money altogether. With the automation now or soon available all basic necessities can be provided. http://www.thevenusproject.com

    • MJB  March 14, 2013 at 10:34 pm

      The venus project does have the best idea for an economy. People just can’t wrap their heads around it. They are so obsessed with their “wants” that they can’t see what the human race and everything on this planet really needs.

  12. Lisa  March 13, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Everyone should read “the power of now”

  13. waynemarkbenton  April 7, 2013 at 7:40 am

    I ma Anti-American…intensely… Not the average Joe, Jane Doe… but angry at the way you.ve been duped by your Government Corporate… which in essence… is a contradiction to your Constitution… Proving… That your Government… and just about 90% of ALL Governments..signed-up…on the USA Securities and Exchange Commission…are acting AGAINST… their particular Constittutions… So much for Democracy… The ways that these “ILLEGIMATE and UNLAWFUL ,..traitors ..do it”…. is to deny their membership.. at every turn… effectively… Lying… to your face….!! Blatently….. Their cure for current financial ills? WAR… to obfuscate… and HIDE…their Guilt…. DO NOT TAKE UP ARMS… unless you are Psychotic…

  14. Tony Montana  April 7, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    The fake jobs is true. Listen to the news Unemployment rates will bit the news around Nov or Dec because all the retailers hire for the Xmas rush. So the story sounds good but is only temp

  15. Ron  April 7, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Did you ever think that YOU are to blame for the mess that we are in? As Americans we can vote. I’ve got an idea. STOP RE-ELECTING “YOUR GUY or GAL” BACK IN TO OFFICE AND VOTE THEM ALL OUT, EVERYTIME! Anyone that votes for an incumbent is to blame for all of this.
    We all know, Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter. Really? Is this so hard? I NEVER vote for an incumbent, and when I walk out of the booth I say goodbye Washington lifers.
    Except… Someone, most of you, vote for “your” person, because they are of a certain party or race or whatever. YOU are to blame, not Obama, or congress… you.
    Next time you vote, think. If your sole purpose in life is bitching on facebook about how bad it is, keep voting for the idiot incumbent that is screwing up our country. If not, vote for the other one!!
    Yeah, it’s that simple. Share and cure the cancer, start a movement, shame anyone who doesn’t comply.

    • Truth Seekers  April 10, 2013 at 2:40 am

      Great point. But one fact you are missing is that the general population is being controlled by the media that is filtered and altered to benefit the elite who fund these companies. These elites are tied to large corporations, government, and the federal reserve. Do you think for a minute they are going to let the general public know Ron Paul is the best choice for us?

  16. Glen  April 10, 2013 at 3:38 am

    We are all sheep we just follow along. Its time to stand up and let our elected leaders that its unexceptable and that we have had enough. Why can’t we as a people have the right to make a living wage while they the elected leaders give them selves raises when ever they want. Why so our soilders have to endure pain in gaining employment or treatment when pro sports players make millions to chase a ball or puck and when they get hurt they ge the best care possible……………………………WHY??????????/

  17. michael e. v. knight  July 16, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    This group is working on a peaceful transition to RBE (Resource Based Economy).

    Part of the plan includes members working just 20 hours a week, using no money between members, just like there will be no money in RBE. Owning
    buildings and businesses in co-ops (we still exist within the money system so will need to earn money through these businesses to pay for what we need from the money economy that we do not make or grow ourselves, until we get to RBE), no private ownership of property or businesses just like in RBE. Living and working together peacefully, just like in RBE.

    Living the RBE mindset:

    Share with each other

    Care for each other and the planet

    Live and work together peacefully

    Do no harm

    In return for working just 20 hours a week in our own co-op businesses,working members and their families will receive free rent and utilities in our co-op owned buildings, free food, free basic necessities, free local transportation, free hair cuts/styling, free bike rentals, free boat rentals, free gym membership, free yoga/exercise etc classes and as
    much more free stuff as we can make available.

    This shows the average person a better lifestyle than they have now working 40-80 hours a week and barely getting by. How many minimum wage earners would rather work just 20 hours a week and get free rent, utilities, food etc. instead of working 40 – 80 hours a week like they do now and barely
    surviving. Once enough people are living and wanting this lifestyle it will be easy to switch to RBE.

    Are you enjoying this lifestyle, yes. Do you like all the free things you get, yes. How would you also like free education, free travel, no more pollution, no more wars etc., you do, let me explain RBE to you.

    See when we talk to most people now about RBE and having no money most say it will neverwork and their brain shuts off. But asking them if there was a job where they could work just 20 hours a week and get free rent, free utilities, free food etc working in different small businesses like restaurants, markets, general stores, motels, hotels, resorts,
    construction, landscaping, basically any small business they can think of, is that something they would be interested in? That is something they all want. Less work, more free stuff.

    Funny how people like free stuff but think a world with no money is crazy and will never happen.

    What’s good about this transition approach is we do not have to lead with RBE and no money, we lead with a better lifestyle than most people have now. Then it does not matter if they want this lifestyle
    because of need or greed, just by being a part of and living the lifestyle they are moving us towards RBE. Sort of like the Bee looking for food pollinates the flowers.

    We need to bring together RBE minded people to live and work together in communities/towns/cities all around the world to show others a better way of life.

    Come join us now and let’s continue building (and finish) the bridge between the current system and RBE:


    There are 33 steps to getting to a RBE, we are currently at step 12

    which is 36% of the steps needed. 21 more steps and we are in RBE.

    Please come join us now and help us complete the final 21 steps and let’s get to RBE as fast as possible and end the madness in the world today. Working together we can transition to RBE within 2-10 years, it’s up to all of us and our actions to decide how quickly the transition happens.

    Let’s get this done!


  18. Mehdi  July 19, 2013 at 2:28 am

    Gold currency

  19. Dean Kong  July 19, 2013 at 6:42 am

    People Vote for these party’s or they vote them self in!!!!!!!! SCREWED!!!!!!

  20. lydia  July 22, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Do people still actually believe we have the final say with voting? It always has been and always will be a false flag event to make us ‘sheeple’ believe we have the final say when infact,the ‘chosen’ have already been chosen,long before our countless vote!


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